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Latest News: Simple Script Logger released!
Latest News: Unlock SWF for SWF version 7!
Latest News: Swifty Hercules updated for SWF version 7!

Latest News: Swifty Zeus updated for SWF version 7!

Latest News: Swifty Compress & Swifty Decompress updated!

Latest News: Swifty Xena Pro updated for uncompressed SWF version 6 via INI file!


What are Swifty Utilities?

Note: Since I don't have time to update the utilities, Manitu Group agreed to update and then add some more to the Swifty Utilities. It'll be great to see updated apps here. [Burak KALAYCI, December 2001]
Swifty Utilities are a set of utility applications for Windows 9x written by Burak KALAYCI. Swifty Utilities operate on SWF files. (SWF files are Macromedia® Flash animation files, generated by Macromedia Flash authoring application. For more info see www.macromedia.com)
Currently there are 7 different Swifty Utility applications, only some of them are complete (but still in development), others are at alpha or beta stages of development.
Swifty Utilities are freeware, meaning copyright and all other rights belongs to the author but you are licensed to use the apps if you like (and at your own risk!).
Also, as long as a Flash related utility is freeware, i might distribute it on this site. There is currently one such utility.

You cannot distribute Swifty Utilities without prior authorization!

Swifty Utilities will always be freeware!


What do Swifty Utilities do?

Here we go...

New Apps
[Swifty] UnlockSWF, can add or remove protection, add/remove or reset debugging option to SWF files.
Swifty Compress and Swifty Uncompress, can compress and decompress SWF files.
Original Swifties
Swifty Batch Projector Creator, Drag & drop Batch SWF to Exe converter.
Swifty Xena Pro, extracts SWF files embedded in applications, including Flash.exe, Aftershock.exe, any standalone projector and Director movies. (Can optionally replace them!). Also can extract DXR/CXT files embedded in Director projectors.
Swifty Hercules, extracts movie clips (sprites) from SWF files as SWF files.
Swifty Zeus, extracts each layer in a SWF as a seperate SWF. Intended for viewing the layer structure.
Really Outdated Apps
Swiffer (Swifty Sniffer), does nothing useful other than listing the tags in the SWF file and removing the tags you like (including the protect tag!). Also Swiffer lets you see the header information, i.e. the frame rate and the pixel size of the animation. For removing protection only use the new Swifty Unprotector, Swiffer can sometimes produce SWFs that crash Flash. Use UnlockSWF for unprotection needs...
Swifty Unprotector, Drag & drop SWF protection remover. Use UnlockSWF for unprotection needs...

Other SWF Utilities

Following Flash Utilities are being distributed with their authors permission.

Swiff Extractor v1.2 by Eduardo Aguiar, shows header information (frames per second, number of frames, size in pixels, version), navigates through entire flash file, no matter its version, extracts JPEG files with DefineBits and DefineBitsJPEG2 tags. Swiff Extractor is a DOS program so it can run under any DOS session with DPMI support using Win95, OS/2 and Linux.

Contacting the author

I'd really like your feedback on the Swifty Utilities. Also new feature and product ideas are welcome. Feel free to contact me at one of the following addresses:
burakk@usa.net(Does not belong to me anymore)

UIN: 804986 [Note: I don't run ICQ more than once a year :) So why is my UIN listed here? Cause it's small enough, i can show off!]
(Old)Fax: +1(775)3060880


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