Swifty Unprotector
Utility Name
Swifty Unprotector
Code Name
Target Platform
Windows 95/98, SWF version 3 (Complains about the version but works for SWF version 4)
Tested On
Windows 95 OSR2 / Windows 98
version 1.0, SWF v3
Swifty Unprotector can,
  • Unprotect (optionally multiple) SWF files by simple drag&drop interface
Version 1.0 of Swifty Unprotector is designed for Flash3 and complains about version if a Flash4 SWF is used. Nevertheless, it works with v4 SWFs.
Known issues
Doesn't work on PCs without a sound card installed unless distributed WAV files are deleted from apps folder.
Help file included.
Pablo Mendigochea, TQS
swfup10.zip (200k, 22 September 1998)
Please do not link directly to the zip file, anyway, i change filenames on update and delete older files so your links will be broken!
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