Distribution of Swifty Utilities

Swifty Utilities cannot be distributed without prior authorization from the author.
Why is this?
First of all, the author wants to be informed of what is being done with his work.
Then, he wants to assure that the distribution is proper (supplying all necessary info, like the platform apps run under, and in ZIP format intact with any documentation supplied) and up to date.
(Funny writing experience since it's me, the author, writing all this:) )
Who can qualify?
Virtually anybody who'll comply with the simple rules in line with what mentioned above.
What are the rules?
  1. Author will be informed by email of any changes in your distribution.
  2. Upon authorization you'll receive what minimum info should be displayed on your web site with the link. Maximum info is what is included in download pages of this site for each app.
  3. You agree to update the file(s) and information when the apps are updated. (This is especially necessary since what the author has includes alpha and beta software)
  4. A link to this site should be present at the distrubution page. (This is not absolutely necessary if your site design does not permit it)
  5. All distribution files should be exact copies from this site, i.e. ZIP files not modified in any way! (You can not just distribute the EXE files)
  6. You can not charge for Swifty Apps.
  7. These rules might be changed by the author. (All that will change will be minor and reasonable)
For CD-ROM distribution please contact the author.
Mirrors and Distribution List

  • German Edition of PC Magazine CD ROM, sometime in summer 1999 (??? Does anyone know more about this? I authorized the distribution but i don't really know what happened really.)
  • www.flashworld.com.br mirrors Swifty Utilities in Portuguese. (12 Dec 1999)
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