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 December 26, 2003
Swifty UnlockSWF updated (SWF 7 support).
Swifty Hercules updated (SWF 7 support).
Swifty Zeus updated (SWF 7 support).
 May 1, 2003
Swifty Compress & Decompress updated (Support added for SWF version 5 and below files).
 January 1, 2003
Swifty UnlockSWF updated (minor update for XP themes support).
 July 27, 2002
Swifty UnlockSWF updated (minor update for more conservative memory usage).
 July 7, 2002
Swifty Hercules updated (minor update for more conservative memory usage). Swifty Zeus updated (minor update for more conservative memory usage). Swifty Xena Pro updated to support uncompressed SWF version 6 via INI file.
 May 24, 2002
Swifty Hercules updated.
 May 22, 2002
Swifty Zeus updated.
 May 17, 2002
[Swifty] UnlockSWF updated for SWF version 6.
Swifty Compress & Decompress released.
 December 2, 2001
[Swifty] UnlockSWF replaces Swifty Unprotector! Manitu Group will be updating the Swifty Utilities...
 February 9, 2001
Xena updated via ini file to support SWF v5. Eduardo Aguiar's free library added to his Swiff Extractor page (temporarily until this lib has its own page). DirOpener link updated! and yes i think i should be updating more frequently too!
 January 25, 1999
Swifty Xena Pro replaces Swifty Xena. Enhancements for Director users.
 December 28, 1999
Swifty Utilities Site moves to a better domain. Update your bookmarks!
 December 12, 1999
Flash World mirrors Swifty Utilities in Portuguese! With the current rate of updates i hope Flash World can keep up to date!
 October 11, 1999
Swiff Extractor v1.2 by Eduardo Aguiar (which is released 2 days ago) can now be downloaded from Swifty Utilities site.
 October 09, 1999
 August 27, 1999
Xena is updated to support v4 SWF files.
 September 24, 1998
Bug with Swiffer identified. Swiffer has problems with smaller stage sized movies. Resulting SWF will crash both the player and Swiffer itself. Swifty Unprotector does not have this bug.
Some SWFs produced by Swifty Unprotector (and Zeus) crash Flash3 while import, though not the player. I've investigated this and it seems to be a Flash problem not Swifty, i guess the unprotected SWF produced by Flash would also crash Flash on import. (Yet to try it, though). If you have a FLA to a SWF that crashes Flash on import, that would be greatly appreciated.
FAQ&Info section coming soon! Added place holder and simple manual unprotection info to welcome page.
 July 12, 1998
Just got the site up. Comments welcome! Sign my guest book!
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