Swifty Xena Pro
Utility Name
Swifty Xena Pro
Code Name
Swifty Xena
Target Platform
Windows 95/98, SWF version 4, DIR/DXR and CST/CXT files v6 and v7
Tested On
Windows 95 OSR2 / Windows 98
version 1.4
Swifty Xena can,
  • Extract uncompressed SWF files from executables, including 16 and 32 bit projectors, flash.exe, flash3.exe or flash3.dl_ for trial version, Aftershock.exe, and Director movies.
  • Replace the file in the executable (or Movie) with another SWF
  • Extract DIR/DXR, CST/CXT files from Director projectors
  • Yes, you can change the splash SWF or others in Flash.exe!
  • i had no idea Flash3 was also codenamed Xena when assigning the codename.
Known issues
Help file not available, text file included in distribution. (You may have to experiment some to figure out how the app works).
Pablo Mendigochea
Rich Danby
xenap14.zip (156k, 25 January 2000) [SWF 5 support added via ini file 9 Feb 2001][uncompressed SWF 6 support added via ini file 7 July 2002]
types.ini (1k, 7 July 2002) If you have Xena already, just download this file for SWF v5 / uncompressed SWF v6 support.
Please do not link directly to the zip file, anyway, i change filenames on update and delete older files so your links will be broken!
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