Swiff Extractor v1.2 by Eduardo Aguiar
Utility Name
Swiff Extractor
Target Platform
DOS (supports Windows 95 DOS prompt, OS/2 DOS window, Linux DOS window)
version 1.2 (9 October 1999)
Swfxt v1.2 highlights:
  • Shows header information, as for example, frames per second, number of frames, size in pixels, version.
  • Navigates through entire flash file, no matter its version.
  • Extracts JPEG files with DefineBits and DefineBitsJPEG2 tags.
This freeware product is being distributed with authors permission.
Known issues
Text file included.
swfxt12.zip (40k, 11 October 1999)
libswf0.1.tar.gz (16k, 9 September 2000) Also from Eduardo Aguiar, free / open source library for generating .swf from scratch, contact author for the latest version.
Please do not link directly to the zip file, anyway, i change filenames on update and delete older files so your links will be broken!
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