The Swiffer: Swifty Sniffer
Utility Name
Not decided yet.
Code Name
Swiffer, Swifty Sniffer
Target Platform
Windows 95/98, SWF version 3
Tested On
Windows 95 OSR2
Very Early Alpha
Swiffer can,
  • List the tags in a SWF file.
  • Display header information like the frame rate and size in pixels.
  • Delete any tag and 'save as' the file.
  • Yes, you can remove the protect tag!
  • Swiffer is now known with its remove protection capability. This was not intended. Anyway, removing protection does not get the FLA file back and it's of limited use.
  • Further alpha and beta releases will not be available to public.
Known issues
This is very very very early alpha or not even alpha software! Can crash when opening an invalid file, etc. This version of Swiffer has a bug renders it useless while saving smaller stage sized movies. Use Swifty Unprotector for more reliable protection removal.
Help file not available,'how to' text file included in distribution.
Pablo Mendigochea
Download (128k, 2 May 1998)
Please do not link directly to the zip file, anyway, i change filenames on update and delete older files so your links will be broken!
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