Please send your questions to Mehmet 'Captionate Guy' GOZUBUYUK.
Does Captionate work with FLV files embedded in SWFs?
No, Flash strips the data and audio of imported FLV files (Audio is merged with current audio as streaming sound, while data is not retained). Captionate data works when you play the FLV with NetStream object (or where any AMF data works).
Can Captionate play back markers in HTML files, XML files etc.?
No. First of all, Captionate just lets you inject data into FLV files, it's not relevant at runtime. You have an FLV, you inject data with Captionate, in the end you still have an FLV (but with data injected). When playing the FLV with NetStream, you get callbacks on data and you won't need an external file for the data (because the data is in the FLV itself).
Do you have a Demo version?
If you qualify, we can provide a 10 day trial full version. In order to qualify, you need to have an established site or be working for an established company.
Can I inject my custom events using Captionate?
No. But Captionate 2 supports Flash 8 cue points which can have a number of name:value string pair parameters. Also adding name:value string pairs to onMetaData event data is supported (under custommetadata object).
Does Captionate work for/with Audio only FLVs?
Does Captionate support HD video?
HD video may come in F4V format, which is really MP4 format. Captionate supports FLV format only. (Sometimes F4V files are misnamed with FLV extension).
What are OS requirements for Captionate?
Windows 9.x and above. Windows 2000 and XP is recommended for their better Unicode support. Windows Vista is not officially supported, but Captionate works on Vista.
About 'Navigation' cue points...
As far as Captionate is concerned, the type of a cue point is just a string. Captionate can inject 'Navigation' cue points as well as 'Event' cue points. But 'Navigation' cue points, by definition, is meant to be navigated to. Video files have key frames and intra frames. You can not seek to any time because only key frames have full frame information. When you seek to a time, where there's no key frame at, Flash will seek to the next key frame. Captionate is not an encoder and cannot change the frame structure of the video. (Encoders usually ensure that there's a key frame at the point you enter a 'Navigation' cue point).
If you need to have many 'Navigation' cue points and your video has only one key frame at the start, injecting cue points with Captionate will not help. If your video has a key frame every second and you only need a seconds precision, the issue won't affect you at all. (Please write to us if you have any questions about this).
I get an 'unspecified error' message box when I try to view the preview
This is not really a FAQ, but we thought it will be nice to have this here.
The reason for this is that Captionate cannot find the external preview.swf file. And the reason for that is almost always installation of the incremental update instead of the full version. Install the full version first and install any update or beta version after that and the problem will be gone.

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