Release 3.00 Added support for SWF 7 (December 26, 2003)
Release 2.07 Fixed a bug with XP themes support (January 21, 2003)
Release 2.06 with XP themes support! (January 1, 2003)
Release 2.04 with better memory management! (July 27, 2002)
Release 2.0 with Flash MX support! (May 17, 2002)
[Swifty] UnlockSWF is a 32 bit Windows application that can
  • Remove/Reset or add 'Protect from Import' option
  • Remove/Reset or add 'Debugging Permitted' option
from/to SWF files.
Unlock SWF can open compressed SWF files and save a SWF version 6/7 file compressed or uncompressed.

While there are many SWF unlockers (protection removers), Unlock SWF offers 'Debug Enabling' which is a feature that as of now no other utility offers. It's developped by Manitu Group (which has SWF programming experience since 1998) and it's free!
Historical Note:
Burak KALAYCI has been developing free SWF utilities under the name Swifty Utilies since Flash 3 public beta was released. Because he has no time to update the utilities (and his utilities hasn't been updated for a while), Manitu Group will be releasing Swifty Utilities updates and new freeware SWF applications. UnlockSWF is the first of these utilities that replaces Swifty Unprotector. (December 2, 2001)

Download Now! (~322kb) Current release 3.00

About the 'Protect from Import' option
When exporting a movie with Macromedia Flash, you are given the option to 'Protect from Import' the SWF, optionally with a password. Flash will not import (or open) a SWF which has been exported with this protection or ask for a password before importing.
When you lose your source FLA, generally you have the SWF on the web, but if you have exported with protection, you'll not be able to import it without unprotecting it first.
Importing a SWF (which is not same as Opening one), will get you just one layer of movie with no sounds or actionscripts. Also your movieclips would not import back as movieclips. Nevertheless, you'll be able to recover lots of your symbols.
UnlockSWF lets you remove the protection from a SWF file (Flash will import the SWF) or remove the protection password option (Flash will not ask for a password and will not import the SWF). You can also add protection to an unprotected SWF (Flash will not import the SWF).
About the 'Debugging Permitted' option
When exporting a movie with Macromedia Flash, you are given the option to make 'Debugging Permitted' on the SWF, optionally with a password. If debugging is enabled you can debug a SWF file with Flash.
Debugging has changed with Flash MX. Flash MX uses SWD files that contain debugging information which allows more advanced debugging with breakpoints. By enabling debugging you'll still be able to debug the SWF without the SWD counterpart but you'll not be able to step through the code or use breakpoints. (Flash MX will display an error that it cannot open the SWD file).
To debug a SWF, you need to remove its protection first and open it with Flash, then right click and select Debugger.
To debug a SWF file remotely, you need to enable remote debugging in Debugger window in Flash, use the debug version of the Player that comes with Flash (installed under Players\Debug folder), after opening the SWF right click the player window and select Debugger.
UnlockSWF lets you remove the debugging option (Flash will not debug the SWF), add the debugging option with empty password (Just press enter when asked for password and Flash will debug the SWF) or reset the debugging option password to empty string (Just press enter when asked for password and Flash will debug the SWF). UnlockSWF has separate options for Flash 5 and MX. You must select the option that corresponds to your version of Flash.
UnlockSWF does not have a setup application, just unzip the contents to a folder. UnlockSWF does not mess with the registry. The first time you run UnlockSWF an INI file will be created in the same folder. For uninstallation, remove the files you unzipped and the INI file.
After running UnlockSWF.exe, you can open a SWF by using the File | Open option, the open button on the toolbar or simply dragging and dropping a SWF file. You can drag and drop a SWF file on the UnlockSWF.exe or a shortcut to it.
Some SWF information will be shown on the top and you'll see options about protection and debugging. After selecting the desired options, you can 'Save as' another SWF file by using File | Save as option or the Save As button on the toolbar.
You can create a shortcut to UnlockSWF in your 'Send to' folder and send SWF files to UnlockSWF easily by right clicking on a SWF and choosing send to | UnlockSWF... Also by this way you won't have to see the opening screen of UnlockSWF everytime.
You can create a shortcut on your desktop and drag and drop SWF files on it. This also will get rid of the opening screen.
UnlockSWF copyright 1998 - 2003 Manitu Group, Turkey.
UnlockSWF is copyrighted freeware. You can not distribute UnlockSWF without our permission.
Disclaimer: Use this program at your own risk, we disclaim all liabilities.
Since it's free no official support is available but it's likely you'll get an answer when you write to

Copyright © 2000 - 2003 Burak KALAYCI & Manitu Group. All rights reserved. All trademarks acknowledged.