Chromatic Guitar Tuner is a software that will help you tune your guitar, using your computer's microphone input.

Online version is above. Please allow microphone access, so that notes playing can be detected...

It's chromatic and automatic. You don't need to select string or a tuning type. It does not generate reference tones and expect you to tune the instrument by ear. It will detect the note you play, and display if it's in tune or how much it is out of tune. You can use it to tune other musical instruments, too.

Requirements and Downloads
Online version requires Flash player 10.1 or above. Check your version here. If you are not asked for microphone access, most probably you have an older Flash player...

SWF version, requires Standalone Flash player 10.1 or above, or, a browser with Flash plug-in. Download zipped SWF here.

Executable version (with Flash projector requires Microsoft Windows.
Download zipped executable here ~2.75 MB.

Manitu Group's Free Online (and offline) Chromatic Guitar Tuner Screenshot

Source is not directly available. To peek at the source, check out AS3 Sorcerer free evaluation version by Manitu Group.

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When asked, microphone access must be granted.

First, make sure that sound can be captured by the tuner.

When sound is present, a moving waveform graphic will be displayed. If it stays flat, you may need to adjust your sound card's mixer settings.

If your electric guitar is connected to the line-in input, you should enable recording for that input.

In order for note detection to work, the sound must consist of a single musical note (no chords). If detection isn't working, the sound signal may be too weak or noisy.

When a note is detected, the name of the note will be shown inside a colored circle and a white line will indicate how much the note is out of tune.

Make sure that the displayed note is the one you aimed for. Standard guitar tuning is: E A D G B E. When tuning, hit the strings as strong as you will be playing (especially thicker/wounded strings).

When the white line is over the green line, the detected note is perfectly in tune (relative to A=440 Hz).

If it is to the left of the green line, the note is flat, and if it is to the right of it, the note is sharp. Fine tune the strings by turning the pegs accordingly. It's a good practice to start tuning from the thickest string.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner is brought to you by Manitu Group, free of charge. If you like it, please consider purchasing Manitu Group software for support.

The pitch detection algoritm is a modified AMDF (Average Magnitude Difference Function), named XAMDF, copyright ©1994, by one of Manitu Group's founders.

Version 1.0. August 19, 2010. Copyright © 2010 Manitu Group. All rights reserved. Contact us if you'd like a rebranded version.

More Info...
Chromatic Guitar Tuner is made using Adobe Flash Professional and free FlashDevelop.

Data processing is made faster using free Azoth utility by Manitu Group.

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Under construction

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