A Walkthrough
Onetime Setup: Import Flash Plugin
When SWF Revealer Ultimate is run for the first time, Import Flash Plugin Dialog will be displayed.

After successfully importing a Flash plugin, SWF Revealer Ultimate can start revealing embedded data in AS3 SWF files.

Open a SWF file
To open a Flash/SWF file, you can drag-and-drop it on the main window, or you can use the Open Dialog. Both local and remote files can be opened.

After a SWF file is opened, status will change to 'Listening...' and SWF contents will be played in the Source Flash Tab.

If needed, you can interact with the SWF content here.

Wait for Data to be revealed
As the SWF loads packaged/wrapped/embedded files, they will start to appear in the Revealed Data Tab. When revealing data, status will indicate 'Revealing...'.

If, after a while, no data is being revealed, interaction with the SWF may be needed, or options in Options Tab may need to be changed, or the SWF may not have packaged/wrapped/embedded files to reveal, or it may be using AS2 (which is not supported).

Click Stop when you think all available data has been revealed.

In the Revealed Data tab, you can drag-and-drop an item to save it, or keep shift pressed while drag-and-drop to save all items.

You can press F1 for help. If help file is not locally installed, help will be displayed in your browser (assuming you have an active Internet connection).

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