Import Flash Plugin Dialog
SWF Revealer Ultimate uses the ActiveX Flash plugin (aka the IE Plugin) to 'play' the Flash (SWF) files. However, it does not use system installed Flash plugin and requires to import the plugin before it can start revealing data.

If a Flash plugin has not been imported yet, this dialog will be opened automatically. After a plugin is imported, this dialog can be opened manually (by clicking Import in Options tab), to replace the current plugin by importing another one.

Specify a Flash plugin file to import: enter the location of a Flash plugin file (*.ocx), or, drag-and-drop it onto the dialog, or, click ... to browse files.

(When appropriate, SWF Revealer Ultimate will have the system installed ActiveX Flash plugin location here as the default value).

Version information for the specified plugin will be shown below the text field. Version information or status of current plugin is displayed in Current Plugin section.

Click Import to import the specified plugin.

SWF Revealer Ultimate will not be able to reveal any data until you successfully import a Flash plugin.

Obviously, imported Flash plugin version should be high enough to support playing Flash (SWF) files you will be opening with SWF Revealer Ultimate.

Press F1 for help (this document).

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