June 21, 2004: MGSSL version 1.01 released!
This version changes some of the icons and fixes a small bug with imports.
June 20, 2004: MGSSL version 1.00 released!

What is Simple Script Logger?
Simple Script Logger is a utility win32 application that helps to find out the actual running order of the Actionscripts in a SWF file. MGSSL has been tested on Windows XP only.
MGSSL is free to use, but you cannot distribute it or link directly to the download. MGSSL is not freeware, but only free to use and at your own risk that is. All rights other than granted here belong to Manitu Group.
Linking to this page is welcome. [http://www.buraks.com/ssl].
MG Simple Scirpt Logger Windows XP Screenshot

More Info
What info does it provide?
MGSSL works on SWF scripts rather than functions etc. It simply adds FSCommand actions to the start of each script to detect the execution and displays the info as the host application.
Since FSCommand actions get executed after a script is completed, if a script enters an infinite loop, or takes too long, the last item in the log will not indicate this script, but the last script that was completed successfully.
InitClip Actions are the first scripts that are executed in a SWF file, usually used for class initialization. Since they are executed only once, they will show up in the log once. There will be no items logged when class constructor or methods are invoked. Likewise, there will be no logged items for dynamically assigned functions.
MGSSL runs the processed SWF file with the extra FSCommand actions in it. If the SWF file loads or imports other SWF files, the execution of the scripts in them will not be detected. Also note that some obfuscations are not compatible with MGSSL.
General Usage
Open a SWF file and use the Run command. The scripts that are executed will be listed dynamically on the log. Scripts that are repeatedly executing will be indicated by 'Run Count' column, rather than added as a new log item. The 'Script' column identifies the executed script.
There are 4 types of scripts:
  • Frame Actions: Actions in a main timeline frame or a movieclip frame.
  • Button Actions: Actions associated with a button symbol, executed on an event.
  • Clip Actions: Actions associated with an instance of a symbol, executed on an event.
  • InitClip Actions: Actions executed once to initialize movieclip symbols.
Use the Stop command when done. You can use the Save Log command to save and examine the log as a text file at a later time.
Menu Commands
File|Open SWF: Loads a SWF file. A special processed SWF file will be saved in the same folder, to be run later, as MGSSL.TMP. This file will be deleted when application is closed or a new SWF is opened. (Normally, we wouldn't have any app that creates files at loaded files folder, but this is necessary in this case, to have relative links work correctly).
File|Run: Runs the loaded SWF file in a window. If the loaded SWF file was already running, it will be reloaded and rerun from start. This command will be disabled if there is no loaded SWF.
File|Stop: Stops and closes the running SWF. This command will be disabled if the SWF is not running.
File|Save Log: Saves the current log items to a text file. This command will be disabled if the log is empty.
File|Clear Log: Clears the items in the log. This command will be disabled if the log is empty.
MGSSL 1.01 (mgssl10.zip 325KB)

MGSSL is not an officially supported product. But you'll most likely receive a response when you write to mgssl@buraks.com. Bug reports and suggestions are always welcome.

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