Flash MX Easter Egg
June 17, 2002
An Easter Egg, by definition, is
1. A message hidden in the object code of a program as a joke, intended to be found by persons disassembling or browsing the code. 2. A message, graphic, or sound effect emitted by a program in response to some undocumented set of commands or keystrokes, intended as a joke or to display program credits.
Easter Eggs are sometimes criticized of having security holes or adding to the size of the application unnecessarily. Nevertheless, they are fun.
Flash 4 and 5 both had fun (Flash) games as Easter eggs. And they had been fairly easy to find.
Flash MX was a different story.
Due to security concerns, I never let any application connect to Internet if not necessary. (Any good firewall handles this quite easily). It turned out that Flash MX has its Easter eggs not embedded in your local copy but on the Macromedia site.
I'm glad I didn't have to download Easter eggs I wasn't aware of embedded in Flash MX and, however small, they are not eating my hard disk space. But, on the other hand, the Easter egg was not within my reach.
I used a copy of ASV 3.0 demo to see if I can find any clues with it. I opened the Flash.exe with ASV and it found 7 SWF files embedded in it. Third and fifth ones looked like the SWF displayed in the about box, and were the best candidates for the Easter egg (because Flash 4 and 5 Easter eggs was reached within the about box).

Finally I found the URL in a loadMovieNum action:
This URL loaded a menu for 6 games including "gary's bike jump" (Easter egg game for Flash 4) and "Goldrush" (Easter egg game for Flash 5). Other games are "breakthrough" a Breakout clone, "asteroid blaster" an asteroids clone, "lunar lander" a Lunar Lander implementation and "flash blox" a Tetris clone.
I was somewhat surprised by the quality and the addictiveness of the games. I expected to find just one game, but got 4 new games and both of the oldies. And it was great being able to play the games out of a constrained about box (or wherever they load).
Macromedia can update the games if they like, who knows, maybe you'll find more games there one day…
I still don't know how to reach the egg from inside Flash. On the other hand, I can't care less.
Go game some, get some inspiration!
This article was received from one of our customers (name and address witheld by request), edited a little bit and converted to html by us. Manitu Group
18 June 2002
  • We found a page with Google that describes how to reach the *Flash Blox* Easter egg game of Flash 5. Our copy has "Gold Rush" clearly, but it turns out that not all of the 4 *new* games might be new after all.
  • Searching for "flashegg2.swf" with Google displayed no results. So, as far as we are aware this is the first time the URL is made public.
  • We would like to thank Guy Watson for featuring this articles link and news at FlashGuru's MX 101
  • A search with Google provided following info (dated end of March 2002):
    Somebody on another forum found out the
    Flash MX easter egg, I am just sharing
    the experience with you all.
    Help > About Flash
    and Click at the bottom middle intersection
    of the X in the Flash MX logo.
    You need to be online for this to work.

    Team Macromedia Volunteer for Flash
    BTW, Brajeshwar maintains a cool resource site at www.brajeshwar.com

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