PhotoBling Download

Installation is a process as straightforward, clean and simple as can be.

- Softpedia PhotoBling 1.0 Review (11/2010)

System Requirements

MS Windows XP or higher. (Will run in a virtual PC environment).

Trial Mode vs. Licensed Mode

If you don't have a license (and your registration code), PhotoBling will run in Trial Mode. Here are the differences in trial mode:
  • Trial mode reminder dialogs will be displayed randomly.
  • Most importantly, in trial mode, you are not supposed to use the software for any purpose other than trial purposes - no, unfortunately not even personal use is allowed.
    On the other hand, PhotoBling is quite affordable...
Other notes:
  • Whether in trial mode or not, PhotoBling does not expire.


Main setup is no longer available for download.

Download new presets Preset Pack #1 - 33 new presets! (2012/04) [07 ~10.7 KB]
To install new presets, use Tools | Open presets folder command and extract ZIP file contents to this folder, then click refresh presets button.

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