March, 2007: Future of FLVMDV... [Temporary news item]
Though we are aware that in its current property sheet form FLVMDV offers the better ease of use, we have decided to offer future versions as stand-alone application form. We are not experienced with Explorer shell programming and we really don't have time to deal with problems resulting from it.
We hoped to have a new version months ago (with a new code base), so we can't quote a time for release. We just don't have the free time to work on FLVMDV right now...
Also, we'd like to thank to Bruce Clark from On2 Technical Support here, for his help with identifying a bug with FLVMDV.
Thank you all for your interest in FLVMDV.
Manitu Group
September 14, 2006: FLVMDV version 1.00 released!
August 26, 2006: FLVMDV version 1.00 BETA released!

What is FLV MetaData Viewer?
FLV MetaData Viewer (FLVMDV) is a property sheet extension DLL for Windows XP. FLVMDV adds 'FLV Details' tab to the file properties dialog of FLV (Flash Video) files.
FLVMDV 1.0 beta screenshot

FLVMDV tab displays FLV information (dimensions, video and audio codecs, frames rate and duration) and also onMetaData event data found in the FLV. (FLVMDV is a viewer and that's all it does, it does not have editing capability).
You may also be interested in FLVMDI, a command line application which also can extract onMetaData event data from a FLV file in XML format.
FLVMDV is free to use, but you cannot distribute it or link directly to the download. FLVMDV is not exactly freeware, but only free to use and at your own risk that is. All rights other than granted here belong to Manitu Group.
Linking to this page is welcome. [].
More Info
Current Status
Version 1.0. Known bugs/issues:
  • Sometimes, FLVMDV 1.00 will cause an 'Unhandled Software Exception' followed by a 'Runtime error 217' in the host application that invokes the property sheet. The errors, while annoying, seem harmless. We are working on fixing this issue.
  • FLVMDV processes the FLV file when you switch to the FLV Details tab. Depending on your computer configuration and the size of the FLV file, processing the FLV may take a while.
  • FLVMDV won't show the FLV Details tab for some FLV files. This bug has been identified, thanks to Bruce Clark from On2 Technical Support, but we haven't yet found time to fix it (Though it's an easy fix - sorry).
FLVMDV supports Windows XP only. We haven't tested on any other OS. FLV version 1.x is supported, currently this is the latest FLV version.
We also have a sister product, FLVMDV pro, which does exactly the same thing but displays all data in a FLV (rather than only onMetaData event data).
FLVMDV pro 1.0 beta screenshot

There's no word play here, the pro version really is not useful (and more difficult to use) if you really do not absolutely require the info. FLVMDV pro is available free on request, if you have a legal license for any Manitu Group product (Please state your product and order ID, if possible write from your registered address. Please allow 48 hours reponse time).
Extract ZIP file contents to any folder you like.
You'll need to register the FLVMDV DLL. This can be done by running the following command line, in the same folder as the DLL:
regsvr32.exe flvmdv.dll
A BAT file is provided in the ZIP. Simply double click on the BAT file named 'register.bat'. You should see the command window open and a message box:

For uninstallation, use the 'unregister.bat' or the following command:
regsvr32.exe /u flvmdv.dll
You should again see a success message. If the DLL cannot be unregistered, please try again after restarting your computer.
FLVMDV 1.00 ( 329 KB)
FLVMDI - FLV Metadata Injector by Manitu Group (free)
Captionate - FLV Captioning application by Manitu Group ($60)
You need to submit your link in order to be listed in this section. We reserve the right to reject/accept any link submitted.
We'd like to thank to Justin Watkins (for his help with the AMF Data format) and Bruce Clark from On2 Technical Support (for his help with identifying a bug).
Also special thanks to Iván Cavero Belaunde (Video Architect, Flash Authoring of Macromedia, Flash 8).
How do I view the 'FLV Details' tab?
Right click on a FLV file, select 'Properties' command. You need to have FLVMDV installed.
Can I have both 'FLVMDV' and 'FLVMDV pro' installed/registered at the same time?
No. Registering one will unregister the other.
Is FLVMDV source available?
Unfortunately, no. FLVMDV uses our internal commercial FLV Library which we wouldn't like to give away.
Is AMF data format available?
The data format is documented in SWF 8 specs. (FLV format is defined in SWF specs).
I love FLVMDV so much. Can I make a donation which will help further development of FLVMDV?
Thank you! Note that a donation is not necessary or required, FLVMDV is free to use for any purpose. Still, if you wish to donate:
You can also consider purchasing Manitu Group products to support us...
FLVMDV is not an officially supported product. But you'll most likely receive a response when you write to Please let us know your experience and about bugs, suggestions are always welcome.

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