This event occurs for each cue point at the timestamp of the cue point.
Cue Points are completely compatible with Flash 8 Video Encoder cue points. There's no additional event that lists all cue points (like onMarkerList for Markers), a list of cue points is inserted to onMetaData event (as Flash 8 Video Encoder does).
info (Object)
The info object has four properties: Example
nets.onCuePoint = function(info){
	trace('onCuePoint event at '+nets.time);
	trace(' Name: "'+info.name+'"');
	trace(' Time: "'+info.time+'"');
	trace(' Type: "'+info.type+'"');

	if (info.parameters != undefined){
 		trace(' Parameters: ');
        	for (paramName in info.parameters){
			trace('  "'+paramName+'" = "'+info.parameters[paramName]+'"');
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