Captions to Cue Points Conversion Options Dialog
Utility|Convert Captions to Cue Points...
Lets you specify options for Captions to Cue Points conversion.

Because Cue Points data type is the standard set by Flash 8 Video Endoder, Flash components or 3rd party components are more likely to support cue points data type. You can convert your caption data to cue points data using the Convert Captions to Cue Points... command in the Utility menu.
After the conversion process, you will lose all current 'event' cue points (because they will be deleted) and all current captions (because they will be converted to cue points).
Not all caption data is converted to cue points. are converted. You will lose all other data.
Converted cue points will be of type 'event'. Captionate has an option for not including 'event' type cue points in the onMetaData event (see FLV Information Dialog, Metadata Tab).
If a 'navigation' cue point and a caption has the same timestamp, Captionate will try moving the caption forward 1 millisecond at a time up to 1 second.
Cue Point Name
Use a constant string
When selected, Captionate will name all converted cue points the same, as stated in the edit field below this option.
Use caption text of a language track
When selected, Captionate will use the caption text of the selected language track. This language will not appear in the parameters.
Use Speaker name
When selected, Captionate will use the speaker name as the cue point name.
Do not add Speaker ('spk') parameter
If this option is not checked, Captionate will add the speaker name as spk:[SpeakerName] as the first parameter.
Language track parameters
Captionate adds a parameter for each language track as [trackname]:[CaptionText]. Following options apply to the name of the parameter.
Use Display Name as track name
Captionate will use the Display Names of language tracks as names of the parameters for language tracks.
Use Language Code as track name
Captionate will use the Language codes of language track as names of the parameters for language tracks. If you have a blank language code for any of the language tracks, this option will not be available.
Use a number for track name
Captionate will use numbers as names of the parameters for language tracks. First language track will be named '0', next will be named '1' and so on.