Cue Points Tab (ALT+P)

Cue Point List
Cue points are listed here in chronologic order. Cue Point properties can be edited in-place (by clicking on a cell, or by selecting it and pressing F2). You can move selection using arrow keys, Enter accepts the changes and Escape cancels them. Delete deletes the selected cue point, Insert adds a cue point with default values at the current playhead time.
When a cue point is selected, the playhead goes to the time code of the cue point, unless View|Do not Seek Selected Item Time is checked.
Cue Point Icon
Double clicking on the icon causes the playhead to seek the time value.
Time of the cue point, which must be unique for each cue point. This value can not exceed the duration of the FLV. You can assign the current playhead time to the selected cue point using the Utility|Set Item Time to Playhead Time command by simply pressing F3.
Name for the cue point.
Type of the cue point, can be either 'navigation' or 'event'. (see onCuePoint event for more information about cue point types).
Parameters for the currently selected cue point are listed here. Parameters are optional name:value string pairs.
: Adds a new parameter.
: Deletes the selected parameter.
: Deletes all parameters (for the selected cue point).
Parameters can be edited in place, just like the cue points.
Sidebar buttons
: Adds a new cue point.
: Deletes the selected cue point.
: Deletes all cue points.