Test FLV Window
Utility|Test FLV
Captionate loads the external HTML file 'testplayback.html' into this window. Current FLV file is saved as 'testplayback.flv' and played by 'testplayback.swf' in this HTML.

Video is loaded when the play button is pressed.
Other Events
Occurence of the following events are logged here (content of the received parameters are not shown): Note that while most of these events are at time zero in the FLV, the actual occurence time will be slightly delayed due to playback latency.
Control buttons Current time
Shows the NetStream.time value. This value is updated every 100 ms.
Language Track
This combo box is updated when the onCaptionInfo event is received. The list is filled with the language track display names. You can select the language track, which affects the caption text shown below.
Caption Text
This text is updated when an onCaption event is received. The caption text of the selected language track is shown.
Markers and Cue Points
This list is updated when an onMarker or an onCuePoint event is received. The marker label, or, the cue point name and type, with the time of receipt is added to the list. (Parameters for cue points are not shown).