Markers Tab (ALT+M)

Marker Add Panel
You can show/hide this panel using the View|Marker Add Panel menu command.
Time code for the marker.
This value will be updated with the current playhead time when it changes. If the preview video is playing, this value will be updated continuously.
When the preview video is closed or paused, you can manually enter a value or use the small buttons below for seconds and milliseconds, or you can click on the timeline to set the playhead time and hence this value.
You can set the playhead time to this value by clicking on .
Label text for the marker.
Click Add Marker to add the marker.
Since time values must be unique, if a marker exists with the same time value, you will be prompted if you want to modify the existing marker.
Marker List
Markers are listed here in chronologic order. Marker properties can be edited in-place (by clicking on a cell, or by selecting it and pressing F2). You can move selection using arrow keys, Enter accepts the changes and Escape cancels them. Delete deletes the selected marker, Insert adds a blank marker at the current playhead time.
When a marker is selected, the playhead goes to the time code of the marker, unless View|Do not Seek Selected Item Time is checked.
Marker Icon
Double clicking on the icon causes the playhead to seek the time value.
Time of the marker, which must be unique for each marker. This value can not exceed the duration of the FLV. You can assign the current playhead time to the selected marker using the Utility|Set Item Time to Playhead Time command by simply pressing F3.
Label text for the marker.
Sidebar buttons
: Adds a blank marker at the current playhead time.
: Opens the Marker Properties Dialog for editing the selected marker.
: Deletes the selected marker.
: Asks for confirmation for deleting all markers.