Working with Markers
About Markers
There can only be one marker at any time code.
A marker has the following properties: Adding Markers
You can add a marker using one of the following: When you add a new marker, unless you change it, the playhead time is used. When you click on the Timeline, the time value in the Marker Add panel is updated with the playhead time.
This allows real-time marker entry while the Preview Video is playing. For example, you can press CTRL+1 as many times as necessary while the video is playing to have markers at desired points of time. (While the video is playing, a Playback Latency value is used. You can change this value using the Preferences Dialog).
Editing Markers
All the data in the markers list can be edited in place. If the current cell is not in edit mode, you can use the ENTER or F2 key to enter the edit mode, ENTER to accept changes, ESCAPE to cancel changes.
Using F3, you can assign the current playhead time to a marker.
Also, using the Edit Marker command, either by clicking its icon on the sidebar or by using the context menu or the Data Menu, you can edit a marker. This command brings up the Marker Properties Dialog.
Additionally, you can export the data as XML, edit the XML file and import it back.
Deleting Markers
You can delete the selected marker in the Markers List using the Delete Marker command in the context menu or the Data Menu. You can also press DELETE when the list has focus.
You can delete all markers using Delete All Markers command.
Marker Events
For markers, Captionate embeds onMarkerList and onMarker events.
Basically, onMarkerList event provides a list of all the markers when the FLV starts. onMarker event will be called with the marker label at the time for the marker.
For general information on events see Events Overview. See event topics for sample code.
After adding markers you can test your FLV using Test FLV (CTRL+Enter) command in Utility menu.
You can see the size of the markers using the FLV Information Dialog, Size Report Tab.
You can decrease/increase the time codes of all markers a certain amount using the Tweak Times command in Utility menu.