Captionate does not have an installer/uninstaller which you are probably used to from other applications. The reason for this is that we do not want to write to system registry even for this purpose. We consider this as a feature.
For installation, simply, extract all the files in the ZIP you received or downloaded to a folder and run Captionate.exe.
You may also want to install Michael Jordan's FLVPlayback skins that support Captionate (for Flash 8) made available by Adobe at
Captionate requires your license file to run. If the ZIP file you have received or downloaded does not include the file Captionate2.pke, you must also copy this file (sent to you separately) to the same folder. Otherwise, Captionate will not run.
Special Requirements
Captionate relies on Macromedia/Adobe Flash ActiveX plug-in (minimum version 7, version 8 required for displaying on2 vp6 encoded video) and Microsoft Media Player ActiveX plug-in (version 6 or above) to display preview video content. Also Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser ActiveX plug-in is used for displaying HTML content.
Delete all copied files and the following files that might have been created by Captionate in the EXE files folder: Captionate also creates captionate.cit files and captionate_cache folders in the FLV file's folder for preview caching purposes. You can search for the file and folder name and delete them.
Captionate does not write to Windows registry. Captionate does not try to connect to Internet or try to send or receive any data from Internet.