View Menu (ALT+V)
FLV Information (CTRL+I) Displays FLV Information.
Video Preview Window (F4) Opens/closes Video Preview.
Preview Audio Graph on Timeline When checked, for FLV files with MP3 audio, Captionate will process the audio data (using FFMPEG) and display approximate sound amplitude/volume and video key frames on the timeline. Note that this option may take some time and currently the data is not cached. (see Timeline for more information).
Seek Selected Item Time If this option is checked, when you select an item (a marker or a caption), the time code of the item will be seeked (making the playhead time equal to the item time). You can seek the item time by double-clicking on the item icon even if this option is not checked. [Note that if video preview is open, seek operation may not succeed; the exact time that can be seeked depends on the key frame time codes in the preview video]
Markers List (ALT+M) Activates the Markers Tab.
Marker Add Panel Shows/hides the Marker Add Panel in the Markers Tab.
Captions List (ALT+C) Activates the Captions Tab.
Caption Add Panel Shows/hides the Caption Add Panel in the Captions Tab.
Text within < and > and Whitespace
in Captions List
When this option is not checked, text within < - > (usually HTML tags) in caption text in caption list will be filtered and not shown. When editing, tags will show. [In Assign Times dialog and on Timeline, tags are already filtered, which can be controlled with an INI option only].
Cue Points List (ALT+P) Activates the Cue Points Tab.
Set Display Font... Displays the Windows Font dialog. The font you choose here will be used for displaying all the text in Captionate except the interface. While the dialog will allow up to 10 for the font size, 8 is recommended.

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