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Manitu Group Captionate version 2.21
(May 5, 2012, revised December 15, 2014)
Manitu Group, Burak KALAYCI (burakk@buraks.com)
Production Consultant: Burak KALAYCI (burakk@buraks.com)
Lead Programmer: Tolga KALAYCI (tolga@buraks.com)
Copyright © 2005-2012, 2014 Manitu Group, Istanbul, Turkey.
We'd also like to thank to the following individuals (listed in alphabetical order) for their direct and/or indirect help in the making of Captionate:
Andrew Kirkpatrick
Aral Balkan
Brian Lesser
Bill Sanders
Bob Regan
Bob Tarle
Gabriel Laet
Guy Watson
Iván Cavero Belaunde
Jared Loftus
Jim Bachalo
Justin Watkins
Lee Brimelow
Kevin Towes
Michael A. Jordan
Michael Stewart
Mike Downey
Peter Joel Hall
Phillip Kerman
Robert Reinhardt
Stefan Richter
Thomas Wester
Tony Fairfield
Special Thanks
Special thanks to Macromedia/Adobe and all Macromedians/Adobeans.
2010 May 25 version 2.19pr RC
2006 November 3 version 2.18
2005 October 14 version 2.0
2005 May 6 version 1.0
Contact Info
Captionate homepage: http://www.buraks.com/captionate, http://www.captionate.com
Manitu Group homepage: http://www.manitugroup.com
Twitter: @captionate
Google+ (retired): https://plus.google.com/b/107469824745990436869/
Contact e-mail: info@captionate.com
Support e-mail: support@captionate.com or support@buraks.com
Snail mail address: Acibadem Cad. 105/4 Acibadem / Istanbul TURKEY
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