Wrap Caption Text Dialog
Data|Captions|Wrap Caption Text
Lets you add a prefix and a suffix to all/selected captions, or remove them.

Lists available style names. A style consists of a prefix and a suffix. Selecting a style from the list updates the Prefix and Suffix fields.
Click Move up (CTRL+W) or Move down (CTRL+S) to move the selected style up / down in the list.
Click Edit (CTRL+E) to edit the selected style.
Click Delete (CTRL+D) to delete a style.
Click New Text Style or New HTML Style to define a new style.
Apply to
Selects the subset of captions that will be modified.
Time Range
Whole FLV
When selected, all captions in the FLV will be modified.
Selected time range
When selected, only captions in the selected time range will be modified.
Current time range will be displayed below. Click Set Time Range to modify the time range.
All language tracks
When selected, captions in all language tracks will be modified.
Following language track
When selected, captions only in selected language track (displayed below) will be modified. This option will be disabled if there is only one language track.
All speakers
When selected, all captions regardless of their assigned speaker will be modified.
Following speaker
When selected, captions only assigned to the selected speaker (displayed below) will be modified. If [Unassigned] is selected, only captions not assigned to any speaker will be modified. This option will be disabled if there are no speakers defined.

Style Preview
Shows a preview of the current style applied to sample text "Caption Style", rendered as HTML. Prefix and Suffix fields will show the current prefix and suffix.
When selected, current prefix and suffix will be added to captions. However, if the caption already has the exact prefix and suffix, it will not be modified.
When selected, current prefix and suffix will be removed from captions. However, only captions which have the exact prefix and suffix will be modified. This option will help if you need to undo the last Add operation.
After you click Apply, Captions list will be updated. Note that Show Tags and whitespace in captions option must be selected in order to see HTML tags in captions list.
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