Set Selection Time Range Dialog
Utility|Set Selection Time Range
Lets you select a time range, which will apply in various commands.
Tip: You can also select the time range without using this dialog, by clicking on the upper part of the timeline and dragging with mouse.

Start and end values of the time range are displayed in hours : minutes : seconds : milliseconds format. You can enter the values using keyboard, or change them using the small arrows below.
Click icon to set playhead time to the time value.
If end value is less than the start value, they will be swapped when you click OK.
Click Reset to start to set the start value to zero.
Click Reset to End to set the end value to duration of the FLV.
Selected time range will be indicated with a purple line in the upper part of the timeline.

Markers/Captions/Cue points which are in the selected time range will be indicated with a purple background color in their time values.


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