Caption Properties Dialog
Data|Captions|New Caption...(F11)
Lets you edit properties of a caption.

Time code value of the caption.
You can edit the time value manually or by using the small buttons below for seconds and milliseconds. You can set the playhead time by clicking on (If the Video Preview window is open, a seek operation is performed, which may not succeed; the exact time that can be seeked depends on the key frame time codes in the preview video).
Language Track
Caption text for the selected track will display below for editing.
Caption Text
Caption text for the selected language track can be edited here. Entering a newline is not recommended. Instead, you can use a <br> tag, since the player SWF will probably utilize HTML tags.
In the usual case that the player SWF displays the captions in an HTML rendered text field, you can use the supported HTML tags (refer to Adobe Flash help for more information on the supported tags). Using the Anchor tag, it is possible to invoke an ActionScript function when the user clicks on the link, as below:
When using AS1/AS2, if you have the following caption text displayed in an HTML-rendered text field,
<a href='asfunction:someFunc, param'><b>Click Here</b></a>
clicking on 'Click Here' will invoke the function named someFunc (at the same level as the text field) with the parameters param.
When using AS3, you can add an event handler to the text field as below:
var caption = "<a href='event:click1'><b>Click Here</b></a>";

tf.htmlText = caption;

function linkHandler(linkEvent:TextEvent):void
	trace(linkEvent.text);//will trace 'click1'
tf.addEventListener(TextEvent.LINK, linkHandler);
Speaker for the caption.

  Above: Caption properties dialog displayed as New Caption dialog.
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