Video Preview Window
View|Video Preview Window (F4)
Video Preview Window displays the chosen file for previewing the current FLV. Video Preview Window is always on top of other windows and can be resized.

When you attempt to open the Video Preview Window, or to play the FLV, if the preview file has not been chosen yet, Choose Video for Video Preview Dialog will be displayed first.

For FLV previews only, if View Captions in FLV preview option is selected in General Preferences, captions will also be displayed in an overlay box.
You can use the trackbar or timeline and controller buttons to navigate the video.
You can seek the video using the trackbar. Unlike the timeline, the trackbar always represents the whole video.
When the Video Preview Window is first opened, the aspect ratio of the FLV is preserved. You can change the size using this resize menu or the keyboard shortcuts:

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