Captionate 2.19 BETA2r7 Release Notes June 2, 2009
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Purpose of version 2.19 update
Captionate version 3 release (which will be a free upgrade) is delayed. Version 2.19 adds some features to version 2.18 to make it possible to target Flash CS3's FLVPlaybackCaptioning component. (Captionate 3 will make use of our new internal FLV Library which doesn't have certain limitations of the FLV handling routines used in Captionate 1.x and 2.x. Also interface enhancements are to be expected along with more support for FLVPlaybackCaptioning).
Purpose of this beta update release
Version 2.19 Beta(1) worked fine and we recommended its use instead of version 2.18, until version 3 arrives. As Captionate 3 release is further delayed (which uses a different codebase), we decided to add a few requested features to version 2.19 Beta(1) and release version 2.19 Beta2. This trend of adding some minor features and fixing discovered bugs continues with further beta2 releases. Please let us know of any issues as soon as possible by writing to us at

What's new?

FLVPlaybackCaptioning Support Review
You can save the captions for a language track as a timed text XML file using the command File|Export|Captions for Current Language as TT XML....
You can import captions from a timed text XML file using the command File|Import|Captions from TT XML....
You can change the format of embedded captions from the File|Preferences|Embedded Captions tab to Flash CS3/CS4 video captioning Format. After saving your FLV, you can use it with FLVPlaybackCaptioning component. Generally, you'll need to set the source parameter of the component to language track number. In case you have only one language track and select the 'No source URL' option, captions will always be displayed.
Known issues

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