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April 23, 2007 UPDATE We received a report that ASV IE Cache SWF Browser does not work with Vista and/or IE7. We neither use Vista nor IE7 and haven't tested this ourselves.
Version 2.00 September 15, 2003
Most of the time the SWF files for the sites you have browsed are stored in the browsers cache on your local hard disk. So, again most of the time, getting a SWF file off the web is possible by browsing the site and then searching for the SWF files in your browsers cache.
ASV IE Cache SWF Browser lets you easily search the Windows/Internet Explorer Cache for SWF files by partial URL/SWF name and access time.

Features of ASV IE Cache SWF Browser are:
  • You can easily drag&drop multiple SWF files to ASV window or desktop.
  • When you copy (drag&drop) a file, the file name will be stripped off IE suffix (main[1].swf will be copied as main.swf).
  • You can search by partial URL/SWF name string and last access time.
  • You can find SWF files with extensions other than SWF. (If a SWF file is named as .GIF or .PHP, you have the option to search all files regardless of extension).
  • You can see SWF version, file name, last access time, file size easily. Also more detail is displayed for the selected SWF along with a preview.
  • You have the option to execute the SWF (which will open with Standalone Flash Player, if you have Flash installed) and to open the URL.
  • Uses 'Windows Cache' services. Will work for other applications that use the windows cache.
Please read this document to decide if you need to install this free tool. (ASV IE Cache SWF Browser requires ASV to run. Also it's not available as a separate product).
ASV IE Cache SWF Browser is a free add-on tool for Action Script Viewer (ASV).
French locatlization for ASV IE Cache SWF Browser is available at Documentation section.
ASV Projector Creator will add 'Search IE Cache...' command to the 'Tools' menu.
Search Options
When you run the command 'Search IE Cache...' from ASV Tools menu, you'll be presented with the following dialog:

(Windows XP Snapshot above)

In the text box, you can enter any partial text that you know exists in the complete URL including the SWF file name. Only SWF files that have the string in their URL will be listed.
You can limit the search by the time the files last accessed in 2 hours, 24 hours etc. If you have just browsed the site, select 2 hours. If you wish to find all SWF files in your cache, select 20 years.
If you select the 'Scan all files regardless of extension', all files will be searched. This option slows the search but you can find SWF files renamed as .TXT files or dynamically served files named as .PHP.
Finally, pressing 'Start' button starts the search. Search progress is shown on the right side. After the search is over, 'Search Results' will be displayed.
Search Results
On the top-left side, the preview of the selected SWF is displayed. (While selecting multiple files are possible, preview for only one of them will be displayed). Also file details for the selected SWF will be shown at top.

(Windows 98 SE Snapshot above)

Files found are displayed at the bottom. You can sort the columns by pressing column headers. The icon in the first column also displays SWF version.
You can drag and drop multiple files to ASV window or desktop (or any other folder).
Search Again button will clear the results and display the 'Search Options' dialog again for a new search.
Execute button will run the SWF with the associated application. This will be the Standalone Flash Player, if you have Flash installed.
Open URL button will open the browser and navigate to the URL of the SWF.
License Terms
ASV IE Cache SWF Browser does not require any additional license and license terms of ASV applies.
Copyright © 2000-2009 Manitu Group, Istanbul, Turkey. All rights reserved. All trademarks acknowledged.
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