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Version 5.01 January 14, 2008
ASV MXP Viewer and Extractor adds 'View and Extract MXP Files' option to ASV.

With ASV MXP Viewer and Extractor you can,
  • Open and view contents of MXP files,
  • For every file, name, Date/time, Type and Path are shown as found in the MXP file. Also uncompressed file size and compression ration in the MXP are displayed,
  • Extract single file by drag&drop or saving as a file,
  • Extract all files with the folder structure,
  • View content of a file by internal text viewer, IE viewer (requires Microsoft Internet Explorer); you can also run files with associated application,
  • Additionally you can define up to 5 applications for viewing files.
MXP files are packaged Macromedia extensions. MXP files are produced and installed by Macromedia Extension Manager.
You can open an MXP file by either using the File|Open command or dragging and dropping an MXP file on the application window.
When an MXP file is opened, the files it contains will be listed. Usually the MXI (Macromedia Extension Info) file will be listed first, then the additional files.

For each file, the file date and time, type, path and uncompressed size will be listed using the info found in the MXP file. Also the calculated compression is displayed. (If the ratio is 0%, this means that the file is stored in the MXP compressed but without any compression benefits for file size).
You can use File|Extract All Files command, to extract all files in the MXP, using the folder structure, to a folder you'll choose.

When you select a file in the MXP (a file item that is listed), you have the following options:
  • Extract the file using either Item|Extract command or using context menu Extract command or dragging and dropping the file to a folder.
  • View the document with internal text viewer using either Item|View as Text command or context menu View as Text command.
  • View the document with internal web viewer (which uses installed IE) using either Item|View as Web (IE) Document or context menu View as Web (IE) Document command.
  • Run the file with system associated application using either Item|Run command or context menu Run command.
  • You can drag&drop the file to any application that accepts files. (For example, you can drop a SWF file on to ASV, or drop a file to your favorite hex editor).
  • Additionally, you can define up to 5 application to run files with using File|Options command; and run the selected file with the appropriate application using the 'Run with ...' commands in the Item menu or the context menu.
Using the File|Options command you can define up to 5 additional applications to send the files to.

Select a slot in the applications list.
Set will bring up File Open dialog where you can choose the application for the selected slot.
Clear will delete the contents of the selected slot.
Applications set here will display in the Item menu, context menu and on the toolbar with the icon for the slot.
Known Issues
  • In this version UTF8 / UNICODE support is limited. If the special characters used in the file names are not in accordance with your current regional settings, accents for the special characters may be removed when the files are extracted (and listed). If you cannot repackage an extension extracted, please check the file names with the names stated in the MXI file.
  • On Windows 9.x/ME internal text viewer cannot display large text files.
  • On Windows 9.x/ME browse for folder dialog won't display the 'make new folder' button.

We'd like to thank to (in alphabetical order) Benjy (http://www.newdimension-fr.net), Maciej Maliborski (http://flashpaper.pl), Peter J. Hall (http://www.peterjoel.com) and Snow (http://www.7dev.net) for their help with ASV MXP Viewer and Extractor.
License Terms
ASV MXP Viewer and Extractor does not require any additional license and license terms of ASV applies.
Copyright © 2000-2009 Manitu Group, Istanbul, Turkey. All rights reserved. All trademarks acknowledged.
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