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ASV Tools are free external applications that work with ASV to provide some specific tasks.
This page hasn't been updated for ASV tools released after ASV 2011 release and does not contain current information about SWF Revealer Tool or AS3 Class Replacer Tool.

ASV SOL Viewer and Editor
Lets you view, edit and create SOL (Local Shared Object) files.
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ASV MXP Viewer and Extractor
Lets you view and extract files in MXP (Macromedia Extension Package) files.
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ASV Projector Creator
Lets you compress/decompress SWFs and create projectors using compressed and uncompressed versions of Standalone Flash Players version 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
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ASV IE Cache SWF Browser
Lets you search the IE/Windows cache for SWF files.
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ASV FLV to Audio FLV Converter
Lets you convert FLV files to Flash importable audio FLV files.
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ASV Arrange Library JSFL Command version 1.50
This free JSFL command lets you arrange your library according to item usage.
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