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Version 1.00 December 23, 2003
ASV FLV to Audio FLV Converter adds support to ASV for the following:
  • Extracting Flash importable audio FLV files from FLV files.
  • Optionaly creating more than one file at a chosen length.
  • Optionally creating an MX or MX 2004 1 fps FLA file with the correct frame count.

Please read this document to decide if you need to install this free tool. (ASVFAF requires ASV to run. Also it's not available as a separate product).
ASV FLV to Audio FLV Converter (ASVFAF) is a free add-on tool for Action Script Viewer (ASV).
FLV files are Flash Video files.
Normally, you can extract the audio of a FLV file using ASV, as outlined below:
  • You import the FLV file to Flash and export a SWF file.
  • Because video symbols in SWF format are without audio, and audio is converted to streaming sound, you just extract the sound using ASV.
But there are problems with FLV files created by Flash Communication Server:
  • Sometimes Flash won't import the FLV file
  • You need to manually add enough frames to the FLA file
  • Some sounds are too long to fit in the 16k frame limit of a SWF file
ASVFAF extracts the audio data in a FLV as FLV file(s) that is importable by Flash. ASVFAF optionally slices the audio at a chosen interval and can also create Flash MX or Flash MX 2004 1 fps FLA file(s) with the appropriate frame count, ready for FLV import.
You can easily extract the audio using ASV, after you import the FLV(s) created by ASVFAF to Flash and export SWF(s).
Copy all the files in the zip to the folder you have ASV40.EXE. (ASV FLV to Audio FLV Converter does not use an installer/uninstaller and we consider this as a feature). When you restart ASV, 'Convert FLV to Audio FLV...' command will be added to ASV 'Tools' menu.
ASV FLV to Audio FLV Converter,
  • requires ASV to run.
  • works and is tested on Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP.
  • does not try to connect to Internet in any way.
Delete the files you copied. There is no uninstaller supplied.
ASVFAF adds 'Convert FLV to Audio FLV...' command to ASV 'Tools' menu.
When you run the command, you'll be presented with a open file dialog where you can browse for a FLV file or close ASVFAF by canceling the dialog.
When the FLV is open, you'll see the main ASVFAF window:

(Windows XP Snapshot above)

Filename and timestamps of audio start and end will be displayed.
With the Open File button you can open a new file. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a FLV file.
Help button displays this file. About button displays the about dialog where you can see the version and copyright information of ASVFAF.
Close button terminates ASVFAF.
Save File(s) button saves converted FLV file(s) and, if selected, FLA files. The names of the FLV (and the FLA) files will be composed of the timestamps of the audio they contain and the first 8 characters of the source FLV file.
Slice Audio
If checked ASVFAF will create equal sized FLV files. This is useful if the source FLV file contains very long audio. You can select the audio slice duration from 1 second to 2 hours.
Save Empty FLA File
ASVFAF can save a FLA file for every audio FLV it creates. The FLA files will be set to 1 fps frame rate and contain just the right amount of empty frames ready for you to import the corresponding FLV file. You also have the option to choose whether the FLA file(s) be in Flash MX or Flash MX 2004 format.
We would like to thank Justin Watkins for his help with ASVFAF.
License Terms
ASVFAF does not require any additional license and license terms of ASV applies.
Copyright © 2000-2009 Manitu Group, Istanbul, Turkey. All rights reserved. All trademarks acknowledged.
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