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Version 1.50 January 26, 2004

ASV Arrange Library is a JSFL free command that arranges the library according to item usage. Though we have developed it for ASV users, we have released it as freeware since it's also helpful in general use.

(Functionality of this command is included with ASV 4.04 update. If you are an ASV user, you can still download it to have it run on previously rebuilt FLA files, or for general use.)
Download as JSFL file in a ZIP
Download as MXP file in a ZIP
You can run the command file by double clicking on it, or copying it to your commands folder. For the latter, MXP version is recommended.
ASV Arrange Library arranges library items according to their usage. The usage of symbols is determined by scanning the timelines of movieclip, button, graphic symbols, and scenes. Bitmaps used in fills, and sounds used in frames are not detected.
When the command is run, current folders is deleted in order to create a new folder structure. All symbols is first moved to root, so if there are any duplicate names they will be uniquely renamed by Flash. Except, if there is a folder named 'Flash UI Components', it will not be modified.
All sound symbols will be placed in a folder named '_sounds'. Symbols that are not used in any timeline will be placed in a folder named '_unused'. Symbols that are used exclusively by another symbol or a scene will be placed in folder on a path at the same level as the item and the folder will be named same as the item with "gfx" appended to it.
Symbols that are commonly used by more than one symbol or scene will be placed in a folder on a path that includes both items and the folder will be named 'gfx'. Version 1.5 will also check for name collisions and rename items that already end with 'gfx'.
We would like to thank to Jonathan Clark and Peter Hall.
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ASV Arrange Library is copyrighted freeware.
Copyright © 2000-2009 Manitu Group, Istanbul, Turkey. All rights reserved. All trademarks acknowledged.
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