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Currently (since 2013) we have no reseller agents in China.

There is no Chinese version of ASV 2014 or 2015. If you see one, it is counterfeit (modified from ASV 2013).

You can purchase ASV only directly from us, using the links at our ordering page.

Starting from ASV 2015/05.25 version, in the About box ASV displays the string 'This version is genuine', color of this text cycles.
Text SWF Data exported now also includes registered user name along with version.

To make sure you have the real ASV 2015/05 or later, please check the following:
  • Correct version is displayed in the about box.
  • There is 'This version is genuine' text in the about box and it changes color continuously.
  • Correct version displayed in the text output saved by File | Save SWF Data as Text command.
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