ASV Road Map

December 16, 2019

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TL;DR ASV licenses will no longer be available for purchase starting Dec 30, 2019. ASV will still be updated at least until the end of 2020, though it is expected that updates will not be as frequent as before. Thank you!

As you may be aware, back in July 2017 Adobe announced EOL (end of life) for Flash as the end of 2020. ASV, the first Flash/SWF decompiler released in May 2000 by Manitu Group, had a pretty long life as a software by any standard. But, sadly, relying on the Flash ecosystem, it has to die (or 'retire' is maybe a more suitable word in this case) eventually, inevitably. We will be overseeing this process, so that it will be painless to both us and our loyal customers/clients, who are still using ASV and Flash daily (while for some, these are only in distant nostalgic memories).

Over the last few years, ASV license sales and usage were declining, this was to be expected, probably not a surprise to anyone interested enough to read this text. Still, in order to allocate our resources better and be able to optimize and plan ahead efficiently, we will stop selling ASV licenses on December 30, 2019.

Anticipating this day will come, in 2019, all our license sales (except for a few special cases) included updates only until the end of 2019. We are, hereby, announcing the following:

(0) As stated above, ASV licenses will not be available for purchase, effective December 30, 2019.

(1) for 'current' ASV licenses - defined as, mainly paid for / charged in 2019 (also including cases of early purchases paid in 2018 while they could have been paid in 2019) or otherwise licenses qualify for the current latest version (please contact us when in doubt) - we will provide updates until the end of 2020 and probably any 2021 updates, assuming we have them. In 2020, updates will probably be a bit sparse (because not as many bugs are being reported and as a result fixed, etc.), surely we do not expect monthly updates, but we will have as many as necessary. (January and May 2020 updates are already planned).

In summary, we haven't promised anyone updates beyond 2019, but we will provide updates at least until the end of 2020 to our customers who have a 'current' license. Our support will continue exactly as before.

All users that qualify for 2020 updates will need to contact us to get their new download URLs and license files. We will have another announcement about this later.

(2) for licenses not upgraded to current version, nothing will change, we will continue providing email support as always, except, of course, there will be no way to upgrade and get the current/latest version. (Note that this also means if a support case requires the current ASV version or some new fix in ASV, we will not be able to provide a solution).

(3) Stating the obvious: We will continue providing 'activations' as appropriate as necessary, for all licensed users/installations. There is no 'End of Life' planned about that.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support @, please have ASV somewhere in the subject line of your email, otherwise we may miss it.

Thank you!
Manitu Group