ASV 2015/08 Release Notes August 7, 2015
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Please refer to ASV 2011 Release Announcement for major changes with version 2011 and upgrade information.
Please refer to ASV Release Notes Archive for current and previous release notes.

We are happy to release ASV 2015/08 today. ASV users can now download the new version from their assigned download locations.

What's new in 2015/08.07 version?
  • Significant fixes and enhancements to AS3 decompile engine.

  • Various UI fixes.

  • AS3: New Actionscript|Manage DebugLog() Function Call Injections command, lets you view or delete injections in the open SWF.

  • AS3: New dialog for viewing 'Method Bodies'. Expect new features in this dialog with updates, currently it is similar to actions view in the Inject DebugLog Function Call dialog.

  • AS3: New Actionscript|Rename Duplicate Unqualified Trait Names command, helps when a SWF has trait names only differ by namespaces.

  • AS3: New Evaluate static method (String):String command in Actionscript menu (also Actionscript tab toolbar button updated to run this command if appropriate).
    Using this non-modal dialog, similar to Evaluate static method (int):String command, you can get string result of a static class method, in a non-internal class, that accepts a String argument.

  • AS3: New Actionscript|Fix Invalid Strings|Convert Namespaces and Multinames to ANSI command. Similar to Convert Non-ANSI Strings to ANSI command but this one tries not to touch string literals and changes strings used in Namespaces and Multinames. Also, Replace Whole Words option applies to this command (as this command does not inherently perform a safe operation). This new command helps when the SWF has valid non-ANSI string literals which are also modified when you convert all non-ANSI strings to ANSI.

Known issues
  • Help - or any documentation - is not available at this time.
  • Updated website/pages are not available at this time.

Issues of other software appropriate to mention here
  • 64 bit version of Windows 8 or later versions (by Microsoft) does not support ASVs tool installation. On those OSes, add-on tools need to be installed manually. Manitu Group does not recommend use of Microsoft Windows 8 or later versions for any computing purposes.

Thank you! Please keep letting us know of bugs, issues and your suggestions.
Manitu Group