ASV 2012/03 Release Notes March 20, 2012
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Please refer to ASV 2011 Release Announcement for major changes with version 2011 and upgrade information.
Please refer to ASV Release Notes Archive for current and previous release notes.

We are happy to release ASV 2012/03 today. ASV users can now download the new version from their assigned download locations.

What's new in 2012/03.20 version?
  • Several bug fixes to AS2 decompile engine.
  • Even more bug fixes to AS3 decompile engine.
  • New SWF Size Report dialog, displays SWF tag counts and sizes information. This helps especially when comparing SWF files.
  • File opening time for huge SWF files, with especially huge scripts reduced, without any functionality loss. As an example, Unreal engine demo (Alchemy2) game opening time reduced to ~40 seconds, from ~10 minutes (on a test system), and ASV still performs the same initial analysis. Unity and Alchemy1 SWFs also now opens much faster.
  • If you have ASV 2011 installed, we recommend you uninstall it first.
    For activation issues related to this, see this note.

Known issues
  • Help - or any documentation - is not available at this time.
  • Updated website/pages are not available at this time.

Thank you! Please keep letting us know of bugs, issues and your suggestions.
Manitu Group

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