SWF Decompiler for Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash 4, 5, MX, MX 2004 and 8 SWF files      
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Support Options
Write to our support email or submit a ticket at our help desk. Response in 24 hours is guaranteed, most of the time we will get back to you in 2-4 hours or less.
For more FAQ, see our helpdesk.
Does ASV support Flash CS3/4/5... generated SWF files?
Yes, ASV fully supports AS3 as well as AS1 and AS2.
Does ASV support Flex generated SWF files?
ASV does not fully support decompiling actionscripts in Macromedia Flex 1 generated SWF files. Current version of ASV which supports AS3 decompiling, will show scripts in Flex generated SWF files but rebuild is not supported.
When I double-click on the rebuildcommand.jsfl, it does not run
You need at least Flash MX 2004 (version 7) to run JSFL files. JSAPI was introduced with Flash MX 2004. Flash MX is Flash version 6. You can download a 30 day trial from Macromedia at www.flash.com. ASV 5 also supports Flash 8. Make sure correct export option is selected.
ASV displays many warnings / errors when I open this SWF file. Now what?
Most of the time ASV will show the scripts correctly even if it displays warnings (or errors). When in doubt send the SWF to us (if it's too big >2Mb, please write to us for confirmation) at support@buraks.com. We will fix any bug within 24 hours, send you a custom built EXE and have the fix integrated to ASV with the next update.
There's an option to 'Suppress error log temporarily' on the main toolbar, to ease working with these SWF files.
Can I extract SWF files from SWC files with ASV?
I thought my actionscripts were secure. Now how can I implement this new online game, what's the deal with Flash security?
[Dated] We recommend you read the excellent whitepaper by Mike Chambers of Macromedia : Macromedia Flash MX Security at Macromedia Flash MX Whitepapers.
I've ordered ASV. When will i receive it?
2011 Update: ASV 2011 requires activation. You will be able to run ASV only after activation, so please state your activation code (PAC) on your order for fastest experience. (Download ShowPAC application at http://www.buraks.com/mgshowpac.zip)

In 24 hours (Most of the time in 6 hours or less). If you still haven't received ASV after 18 hours please contact us at support@buraks.com, make sure you mention ASV in the subject line.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Our delivery times are currently (as of September 2004) 2 hours or less, whether it's weekend/holiday or not. When you're in a hurry, don't hesitate to email us. In fact, please don't hesitate to email us for any reason. All orders are verified manually, after automatic credit card/payment verification by Plimus.
Will there be a Mac version?
No. (Note: ASV works exactly the same with Mac and PC generated SWFs.)
The reason we are not porting to Mac platform is that we have no Mac experience and no Mac access.
2010/04 Update: We now have another reason, which is: Apple doesn't get Flash... 'Go screw yourself Apple'.
Is ASV a hacking tool?
No. (But ASV doesn't check for protection. ASV works just the same for a protected movie and an unprotected movie.)
We will never disclose our customers, but we can state that we have many customers from really big and respected companies.
How can i get more info?
Write to asv@buraks.com.
Is there a demo or shareware version?
Unfortunately, no.
What about support?
Support is provided only by email and only to emails originating from registered email address. Support email address is support@buraks.com. Your support request will be answered in at most 24 hours, most of the time in 6 hours.
Is it safe to order online?
Yes, at least as safe as it gets. Also, we never have access to your card number.
How safe is my email with you?
We won't use your email even to send you any news about our products. Obviously we won't share your email with any other company. We'll use your email to deliver you the product and your free updates. Also we use your emails to confirm your identity and provide support. You can check our privacy policy for more details about your privacy.
I've seen a pirated version of ASV. What do you say?
Please let us know the URLs for any pirated version of our software.
Who wrote ASV?
A local programming group located in Istanbul, Turkey: the Manitu Group.
Lead programmer: Tolga KALAYCI
Production Consultant and Publisher: Burak KALAYCI (Visit FREE Swifty Utilities by Burak KALAYCI)
Copyright © 2000-2016 Manitu Group, Istanbul, Turkey. All rights reserved. All trademarks acknowledged.
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