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News 2006
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December 25, 2006
We wish you happy holidays, merry christmas, happy Hanukah, happy Kwanzaa and a happy new year!
(Our response times might be somewhat, but not very much, slower than usual within the next week).
November 6, 2006: Pricing change...
We started working with a new payment processing company, Plimus, in addition to excellent Emetrix.
All our prices tended to end with .95, which looked like a cheap trick. Though we are aware that it may have been an unintended trick that works, we have decided to adjust our pricing, unfortunately this means an increase, albeit a very small one: Single user license for ASV now costs straight 60 USD (rather than 59.95 USD).
Also, now our volume discounts are more 'fair', though this may mean an increase in some situations. Unfortunately, Emetrix does not support this 'fair' model, so we are not offering full volume discounts for purchases through Emetrix.
Plimus accepts Paypal, which is something new for us, which was one of the top requests about payments.
October 2, 2006: ASV MXP Viewer and Extractor updated
This update fixes a minor bug. We also made some UI enhancements. We haven't added better Unicode support (for file names) as this wasn't a requested feature at all. Please let us know if you are interested in this.
September 15, 2006: ASV 5.16 released
Major changes are:
  • 3 separate issues with the decompiler engine fixed.
September 5, 2006: ASV 5.15 released
Major changes are:
  • Various decompiler fixes and enhancements.
  • Naming convention for extracted SWFs has been changed.
  • Some minor fixes.
June 26, 2006: ASV 5.12 released
Major changes are:
  • Better Unicode support on Windows NT/2K and XP. You can now change the display font (for lists etc.) using File > Set Display Font command.
  • You can now preview the whole SWF using Window > Preview Whole SWF command or using CTRL+Enter.
  • New AS2 class file for ASVDrawing format, kindly provided by Ivan Dembicki is now included with ASV distribution. Also, .as files by Peter Hall are now included.
  • New import option 'Fix certain invalid jumps'.
  • New JSFL Rebuild data option 'Use selection scale for editable text fields'.
  • SWF Metadata editing does not require the data to be XML now. Also the issue with certain languages is solved.
  • New File properties button in Movie Information dialog.
  • Preview window can now save snapshots in JPEG format in addition to BMP format.
  • You can now save a snapshot of the whole timeline as a JPEG by dragging and dropping from the 'Frame Actions & Labels' text.
  • Special Tags tab context menu now has a command to check/uncheck all tags of the selected type.
  • Toolbars can now be hidden using General and SWF Window preferences.
  • Hex view main menu moved to context menu.
  • Actionscript coloring changed. Look of the status bar changed. Window menu moved near to Help menu.
  • Lots of decompiler fixes and enhancements.
May 30, 2006: ASV 5.11 Beta 4 available for registered users
ASV 5.11 Beta 4 executable is now available for registered users of ASV 5 at their assigned download URLs.
May 22, 2006: ASV 5.11 Beta 3 available for registered users
ASV 5.11 Beta 3 executable is now available for registered users of ASV 5 at their assigned download URLs. We hope to release the minor update, ASV 5.12 to avoid confusion, in about a week. (Updates to ASV are free if you have the current version).
ASV, the first SWF Decompiler, turned 6 on May 16, 2006. Thanks to all who shared their comments with us about the 6th birthday of ASV...
March 31, 2006: Adobe released SWF 8 specs
Today Adobe released SWF 8 specs. We don't have to do much but we will be revising ASV and releasing an update as soon as possible. UPDATE: It turns out ASV does not need any modification as a result of released specs :) We already had an update planned with bug fixes and enhancements, which we will be releasing soon (Updates to ASV are free if you have the current version).
March 16, 2006: ASV Projector Creator updated
We have updated ASV Projector Creator to version 5.01 (jumped to v5 from v2). Flash 8 data files are added and also Flash 7 files are updated (see Flash / Player Update for more info). Customers users can download ASVPC 5.01 from their assigned download URLs.
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