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News 2004
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December 31, 2004: Happy new year...
We wish you all a happy and more importantly a healthy new year. We will be donating 10% of our gross earnings for the month of January 2005 to a charity for people affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. If you wish to donate visit Google Tsunami Releief page for links.
February 1 Update: We will make the donation tomorrow. Thank you.
February 2 Update: We have made the donation.
November 13, 2004: ASV 4.082 released
This releases fixes a bug with font extraction at certain conditions. As usual, current customers can download the updates at their download pages or the updated versions can be requested by writing to support@buraks.com.
November 8, 2004: ASV 4.081 released
This release enhances the decompiler engine. As usual, current customers can download the updates at their download pages or the updated versions can be requested by writing to support@buraks.com.
November 4, 2004: ASVSOL 1.01 and ASVMXP 1.01 released!
These are both very minor updates only fixing some issues.
November 1, 2004: ASV 4.08 released
As usual, current customers can download the updates at their download pages or the updated versions can be requested by writing to support@buraks.com. (For some of our customers, the download locations was changed with 4.02 release. If you see a note about this on your download page, email us, and you'll get the updated instructions as soon as possible, in 24 hours).
August 1, 2004: ASV 4.07 released
Major changes from v4.06 to v4.07 are listed below:
  • Tested with recently released Flash MX 2004 7.2, added support for new FSCommand2 action.
  • New commands in Actionscript Pane Context Menu: Copy Selection, Find, Open Selected URL, Save Actionscript as HTML
  • Drag&drop extraction of library items and actionscripts in Library Tab and Actionscripts Tab.
  • New 'Show raw action hex data in P-code view' preference.
  • P-code view is now more compatible with Flasm 1.5 format.
  • 'Show component parameters as a list when possible' preference added.
  • New JSFL rebuild preference: 'Add script to force all classes to be exported'.
  • ASV will now check if any open SWF file is modified/deleted, when you switch to another application and back to ASV. A confirmation dialog will be displayed for reloading/closing those files that have been modified.
  • ASV will now check if a SWF file to open is locked by another application and ask for confirmation for retrying.
  • Run menu now acquires associated icons for the applications in the menu.
  • You can now copy the text displayed in the Error Log Dialog using the context menu.
  • Save SWF Window Options and Layout as Default option now available on main toolbar.
  • Minor bug fixes to decompiler and other parts, mostly for edge cases.
June 27, 2004: 'ASV SOL Viewer and Editor' and 'ASV MXP Viewer and Extractor' free add-on tools released!
Free add-on tools for ASV work within ASV and add additional functionality you might need.
ASV SOL Viewer and Editor lets you view and edit (and also create from scratch) SOL (Local Shared Object) files. SOL files provide the cookie functionality for SWF files.
ASV MXP Viewer and Extractor lets you view and extract files in MXP (Macromedia Extension Package) files.
May 18, 2004: Important policy change about obfuscated SWF support!
We will not support bypassing every obfuscation/protection from this day on. If a free or commercial tool becomes available to bypass an unsupported obfuscation, we will add support for it to ASV in a very short time though. We will continue providing prompt individual support for your SWF files (obfuscated or not), with 24 hour response time [available only for registered users].
Notes: Bypassing every possible obfuscation is, of course, not possible. We will decide on which obfuscations to support, when possible. It's most likely that we will continue adding support for commercial obfuscators (rather than free ones), or obfuscators with certain characteristics. (If an obfuscator vendor challenges us, we will most likely try to bypass it as soon as possible).
The reason for this policy change is to avoid misuse of ASV. Please let us know what you think about this policy change by writing to policy.asv@buraks.com.
April 5, 2004: Polish localization now available!
Thanks to Maciej Maliborski.
April 1, 2004: ASV 4.06 released
Major changes from v4.05 to v4.06 are listed below:
  • ASV can now extract single or multiple resource types from single or multiple SWF files in a batch operation. Previously we used the term batch extraction for extracting resources in the current SWF file (as opposed to extracting them one by one using the Library View).

    This brings a number of changes to the menu structure:
    • File>Batch menu has now Extract Resources command, used for batch file operation.
    • Previous extraction commands are now under File>Extract Resources. Also Save Color Set command is moved here. We have a new command Save All Scripts which will save actionscripts as separate files.
    • ASV now also has a commandline interface to extract resources, which is not documented. If you need to use the feature, please contact us for more info.
  • 'Show Register Optimizations as Temp Variables' preference is removed and it is always assumed selected. 'Show Action Address' and 'Enable Temp Variable Insertion' preferences are also depreciated and removed.
  • There are two new preferences: 'Show/Save Suspected v6 Class Interfaces' and 'Use Original Scripts when Saving as SWF'.
  • ASV will now cache long scripts, so it will be faster displaying a long script next time.
  • Decompiler engine enhancements.
  • Lots of bug fixes. Most of them are for edge cases that rarely occur.
February 29, 2004: Flashmagazine.com reviews ASV 4.05
Read Jens C. Brynildsen's review at Flashmagazine.com!
February 12, 2004: ASV 4.05 released
This release fixes an issue with rebuild JSFL, that was introduced with ASV 4.04.
Having the 'ASV Arrange Library' command in the rebuildcommand.JSFL sometimes caused a problem: Flash behaved as if no JSFL command is run. While this seems like a Flash bug, we have applied a workaround with version 4.05. Now ASV creates more than one JSFL file for the rebuild. Main command file runs these files sequentially. The way rebuilding works has not changed.
February 11, 2004: ASV 4.04 released
Major changes from v4.03 to v4.04 are listed below:
  • ASV can extract font symbols as TTF (True Type Font) files now. Also batch extraction option is added to the File Menu.
  • ASV Arrange Library JSFL command is now integrated into the created rebuildcommand.jsfl. (A free standalone version is available at www.buraks.com/asv/tools/aal.html).
  • Some minor bug fixes.
January 26, 2004: ASV Arrange Library JSFL Command released
This is a free command that may help you arranging library items. The functionality will be included with ASV 4.04 and above, when rebuilding a FLA file. You may also want to download it for general use.
January 17, 2004: ASV 4.03 released
Major changes from v4.02 to v4.03 are listed below:
  • Now the Actionscript View Tag has 'View Tree by Classes' option. Also a preference to make this view default is added to Preferences dialog. Instance Names are now displayed in the Instance of column.
  • A command for exporting all frames as separate SWF files added to File | Batch menu.
  • Loads of bug fixes, including the following:
    • Now the compressed SWF files extracted from EXE etc. files, always have their size correct. (This never caused a problem and was a known issue).
    • JSFL error caused by hiding extensions of known file types now handled gracefully.
    • Switch bug for Flash MX 2004 generated SWF 5 files fixed.
    • Invalid push types now handled gracefully.
    • A bug that sometimes prevented exporting Screen Video encoded FLV files fixed.
  • Many decompiler enhancements.
  • 'Show actions as Actionscript' command added which exits the p-code or bytecode mode. This fixes a usability issue.
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