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News 2003
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December 23, 2003: Free add-on tool ASVFAF released!
ASVFAF converts FLV files to Flash importable audio FLV files. It's intended for extracting sounds from FCS created FLV files when Flash won't import them or they are too long. See ASVFAF product page for more info.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!
November 20, 2003: ASV 4.02 released
This version adds support for Flash MX 2004 7.0.1 generated AS2 class files. Also many minor bugs are fixed and ASV is revised according to the recently released SWF 7 specs.
Also, though ASV is not an editor, we have added support to add ScriptLimits tag (and/or edit limit values in the tag) to this version. (With ScriptLimits tag you can override the player defaults for Max Recursion Limit and Script Timeout Seconds limit).
October 3, 2003: ASV 4.01 and 3.17 released
ASV 3.17 is the last update to ASV 3.x. Many bugs were fixed, but ASV 3.x does not support SWF 7 or optimized SWF 6 files generated by Flash MX 2004.
ASV 4.01 also fixes many bugs. Main new features are:
  • New view of actionscripts as __bytecode__ functions.
  • Enhanced JSFL rebuild-data export. Now actionscripts can be exported as __bytecode__ actions, some options added to preferences.
  • Added preference to rename arguments to functions defined with function2 action.
  • ASNative comments updated. (Thanks to Casper Schuirink).
As usual, current customers can download the updates at their download pages or the updated versions can be requested by writing to support@buraks.com.
September 15, 2003: ASV 4.0 is released
ASV 4.0 which supports Flash MX (professional) 2004 is released today.
There's no demo version available. You can get more info by downloading the HTML help file for ASV 4.0.
What's new
  • ASV now supports Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX professional 2004 generated SWF files: SWF version 7 and optimized SWF version 6. ASV supports both AS1 and AS2. ASV can show both AS2 and AS1 version of a AS2 class script and lets you see how a class compiles to AS1.
  • ASV can now export resources and a JSFL command to help rebuilding the FLA file for a SWF. SWF 2to FLA is not here yet, and this feature has lots of limitations but with it you can at least have a head start when reconstructing the FLA for a SWF.
  • ASV can now export vector symbol outlines as a Flash MX 2004 custom tool JSFL. A very convenient feature.
  • Classes can be saved as individual .AS files and in appropriate folder structure.
  • Support for linked video symbols, device sounds etc. added.
  • The decompiler engine is enhanced and many bugs fixed.
How to Upgrade
If you have purchased ASV 3.x (or purchased upgrade to ASV 3.x but not received as a free upgrade), the upgrade is free. We will be sending notification emails in 24-48 hours and when you reply to the email you'll receive ASV in 24 hours.
If you have purchased ASV 2.x (but not received as a free upgrade), the upgrade costs 14 USD. ASV 1.x customers upgrade to ASV 3.x for 14 USD also and receive ASV 4 free upgrade. Please write to upgrade@buraks.com for more info on upgrading ASV.
All our customers who have purchased ASV 3.x after September 1, 2003, are considered as ASV 4 customers regarding future upgrades.
We will also be releasing a final (Gold) version of ASV 3, with many bug fixes. ASV 3 will not be updated after that.
We didn't have time to implement some great features we have in mind. We plan to have frequent updates to ASV 4. As always any bug will be fixed in 24 hours for the bug finder and the fix will be included with the next update. Thank you all.
September 10, 2003 Announcing ASV 4
ASV 4 will be released on September 15, 2003. Main new features of ASV 4 are:
  • Full AS2 and Flash MX 2004 / SWF7 support
  • 'Export JSFL Rebuild Data' command that extracts resources and creates a JSFL command to rebuild a FLA from a SWF. (It has its limitations, but still we are exited to present the feature).
  • Exports outlines of vector symbols as a Flash MX 2004 custom JSFL tool.
All customers who have purchased ASV version 3.x (or upgraded from version 1.x but not received as a free upgrade) will be eligible for free upgrade to ASV 4.0 and all minor updates. (Purchases of ASV 3 from Sptember 1, 2003 will be considered as ASV 4 purchases regarding any future upgrades).
We will also be releasing a final (Gold) version of ASV 3, with many bug fixes. ASV 3 will not be updated after that.
August 25, 2003
Macromedia announced the next version of Flash: Flash MX 2004
August 2, 2003
ASV 3.16 is released. This release mainly fixes a bug with switch statements introduced with ASV 3.15.
While we consider this situation unfortunate for us, this is the nature of software business... Sorry for all the inconvenience.
All current customers can download the new version from their download page or can get the update by writing to us at support@buraks.com.
July 27, 2003
ASV 3.15 is released. This is again a very minor update (which we call FlashPaper update internally).
Major changes from v3.14 to v3.15 are listed below:
  • A couple of bugs with the decompiler fixed. These bugs would surface very rarely on special occasions, but one of them was an issue with new Macromedia FlashPaper SWF files.
  • Warning messages with FlashPaper SWF files now suppressed. (Though the messages were technically correct for Flash generated SWF files, they were not necessary).
  • Text extraction fixed for FlashPaper SWF files.
July 14, 2003
ASV 3.14 is released. This is again a very minor update.
Major changes from v3.13 to v3.14 are listed below:
  • With the new extraction engine ASV can extract SWF files in UPX compressed executables and ZIP files. This is great if you need to extract SWF files from projectors generated by 3rd party applications.
  • New sample code in help file for displaying text with font data extracted, by Helen Triolo (http://www.actionscript-toolbox.com)
  • A bug with FLV extraction, that prevented preview in Flash, is now fixed. Now the FLV extracted from the SWF is exctly same as the one Flash exports from the FLA.
  • Now some additional info is displayed about StartSound Tags.
  • A bug with version 1 button actions fixed.
  • Memory allocaton warning limit, which ASV displays as a warning every time a memory allocation will be done that exceeds the limit, is increased to 10 MB default and it's now configurable by the INI setting MemoryWarningMB.
  • Some more various bug fixes.
May 19, 2003
ASV 3.13 is released. This is a very minor update and adds an experimental option to preferences.
Major changes from v3.12 to v3.13 are listed below:
  • New 'Show Register Optimizations as Temp Variables' option in Preferences Dialog. You can read more about this here.
  • Broken link to waxpraxis site in the help file corrected.
May 5, 2003
ASV 3.12 is released. (We skipped version 3.11). This release is more of a bug-fix release than a feature rich release, though there are some new features.
Major changes from v3.10 to v3.12 are listed below:
  • Now you can save all the extractable text in a SWF with Save All Text command as ANSI or UTF-8 to a single text file.
  • Now, the outlines of shape tweening symbols can also be extracted as actionscript/SVG (as start and end shapes).
  • With new Save Special command, now a SWF can be saved without sounds or with actions disabled. Also vector symbols can be saved as outlines or grayscale.
  • Now the preview snapshot bitmaps are saved as 24 bit even in 16 bit screen resolutions (Adobe Photoshop had problems with 16 bit valid bitmap files).
  • New preference 'Try Fixing Invalid Reserved Word Use' which you might need very rarely.
  • Enhanced frame import for some 3rd party tool generated SWF files.
  • Enhanced JPG extraction for some 3rd party tool generated SWF files.
  • Fixed many bugs though none of them major and most of them rarely encountered in the decompiler engine.
  • Some more small fixes here and there.
April 12, 2003
ASR, Action Script Replacer, is a new tool that can import actionscript from a SWF file to replace actions in another SWF file. More info available here. ASR is not sold separately and is free for our customers who have purchased both ASV and UAE.
April 2, 2003
ASV IE Cache SWF Browser 1.0, a free add-on tool for ASV, is released today. See product page for more info.
March 12, 2003
ASV Projector Creator 1.0, a free add-on tool for ASV, is released today. See product page for more info.
February 21, 2003
ASV 3.10 is released.
Major changes from v3.09 to v3.10 are listed below:
  • ASV now can extract outlines of graphic symbols (no fills) as Flash MX actionscript (both as individual commands and as data) and as a .SVG file. Peter Hall supplied the data format and an actionscript drawing class for the new outlines as data extraction capability. The class ASVDrawing is available at http://www.peterjoel.com/ActionScript/?go=asvdrawing courtesy of Peter Hall.
  • ASV now can extract glyphs of font symbols as Flash MX actionscript.
  • ASV can now save a Font symbol with an export ID. Info about how to use the extracted SWF is available in the help file.
  • With the new external tools concept, external applications provided will help specific tasks. Unfortunately we were not able to ready any tool for the release but the first tool will be avilable in just days.
  • New 'Outline Mode' in Preview Window lets you preview while the graphic symbols are shown as outlines.

    Outlline Mode

    Normal Preview

    Bounding Rectangle Mode
  • Now 'Disable Color Transforms and Masks' option of Preview Window works regardless of the 'Bounding Rectangle' (or the new 'Outlines') mode.
  • With the new 'Run Menu', now you can easily define and run external applications.
  • Now the Library Tab tree view does not hide symbols used by hidden symbols. This increases the usability of the tree view very much. New 'Context Menu' button in the Library Tab also makes it easier to reach for the context menu of the selected item.
  • With the new 'Suppress Error Log' menu item and toolbar button, it's now easy to temporarily disable the error log.
  • With the new 'Open Extracted File/Folder' option in Preferences, ASV opens the file (or folder for batch extraction) with associated application after extraction.
  • Now with the 'Snapshot' button you can save a .BMP file of the current image shown in the Preview Window.
  • With new 'Version check' menu item, you can easily see if you are running the latest version.
  • Now ASV can extract MP3 files (as produced by 3rd party applications) wrapped in WAV/RIFF tags.
  • Many bug fixes including;
    • A bug ASV 3.09 introduced in opening SWF files generated by a 3rd party application. This is now fixed.
    • Unnecessary IF blocks, though technically correct, were shown for some obfuscated SWF files. Now the IF blocks are shown as comments.
    • ASV had a problem in displaying very big bitmaps in Preview Window. Fixed.
License Key files are changed with this version. Now the license key files are named ASV31.PKE rather than confusing ASV30.KEY.
All current customers will receive an email notification about this update and how they can download it in 24 hours.
January 25, 2003: Down and Up!
Our site was down for about 8 hours today. If you have sent us email during that time, it might have bounced or it might have been lost. Sorry for the inconvenience.
January 7, 2003
ASV 3.09 is released.
Major changes from v3.08 to v3.09 are listed below:
  • Library View Tab now has two view options with the addition of the new usage tree display. With the usage tree now it's easy to see which symbol uses which symbol. Also since the tree has two nodes: Timeline and Other, symbols that are not used by the timeline, that is the symbols that are used by actionscript, are shown separately. This makes very easy to see and locate the components...
  • ASV now displays unicode characters stored in SWF version 6 and above files correctly. If current font does not support the non-ascii characters in the SWF, with the new Enable \u Mode option, unicode characters can be displayed as \u escape sequences.
  • Lots of fixes for supporting SWFs not generated by Flash, including a JPEG extraction fix.
  • Various other improvements.
If you have downloaded ASV, you can just go and download the same file again, it will be version 3.09. (You'll use your existing-same personal key).
If you have received the application by email (or lost your download instructions), and want to have this minor update, please write to us at support@buraks.com from your registered email address and you'll receive the new version in 24 hours.
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