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News 2002
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December 16, 2002
ASV 3.08 is released.
Resource extraction is here at last! We used to refer to free and commercial apps for bitmap and sound extraction until recently. We have realized that free apps (and even commercial ones) don't support many formats (like 15 bit lossless RGB bitmaps or ignore the transparency information for JPEGs with alpha data), have errors extracting RGB or sounds data and nearly none support streaming sounds.
ASV supports extraction of all sound and bitmap formats in a SWF, only NellyMoser compressed sounds will be extracted as raw data. And if you encounter an error while extraction just send the SWF to us at support@buraks.com and we will update ASV most probably in 24 hours.
Major changes from v3.07 to v3.08 are listed below:
  • ASV now can extract all sounds as WAV/MP3.
    • Streaming sounds are fully supported along with event sounds.
    • For NellyMoser compressed sounds only the compressed data is extracted. All other formats are fully supported.
  • ASV now can extract all bitmaps as JPG/PNG.
    • All formats are fully supported.
  • New 'Quick Select' button in library tab lets you select symbol types easily.
December 7, 2002: Actionscripting competition by ericd.net!
You can win 3 copies of ASV and more cool prizes!

December 2, 2002
ASV 3.07 is released.
Major changes from v3.06 to v3.07 are listed below:
  • Colors and gradients used in SWF files (except bitmap fills) can now be saved as CLR files.
  • Minor bug fixes for some bugs that occur on rare occasions.
November 21, 2002
ASV 3.06 is released. This is the first release after SWF 6 specs made available to public. Fortunately, we didn't have much to do regarding the new specs. Changes related to specs mostly involves video symbols.
Major changes from v3.05 to v3.06 are listed below:
  • Revised ASV according to official SWF 6 specs released.
  • New option for Preview Window: Bounding Rectangle Mode. And another option for not displaying color transforms and masks in this mode.
  • Simple include file display support. You can now define scripts displayed as include files and the script will show as a '#include...' line. An option to manage include definitions is added to File Menu. (Notes: Include definitions don't work for version 4 syntax. Smaller includes takes precedence over large ones).
  • Info Pane now displays colorized text. Colors depend on where the info originates. An option to disable this added to preferences.
  • Video symbols can be saved as FLV files. (FLV files can be imported by Flash. Video symbols in SWF files do not contain any audio and are saved as such).
  • Streaming sounds are now displayed in Library Tab and can be saved as SWF files.
  • Video key frames can now be detected. Also more info is displayed for video symbols.
  • Corrections and additions to ASNative comments.
  • 'Save as SWF Data' option now delimits fields with tabs in saved text.
  • ASV now displays expressions with '<', '>' etc. in strict order.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements to decompiler engine.
October 19, 2002
ASV 3.05 is released. (ASV 3.04 was an internal version, not released). Note: Some changes were made depending on the beta release of the Flash Player. Also we didn't have time to add some features. This release is a bit rushed, expect to see a new update soon.
Major changes from v3.03 to v3.05 are listed below:
  • Support for #strict pragma added.
  • ASV now displays long (1000+ lines) actionscripts faster. For a sample 4000 line script the improvement is about 100%. ASV now displays a progress bar for decoding and colorizing processes (not for decompiling though). Also the progress bar now adjusts its length; these should help while decompiling very long scripts. ASV almost never crashes while decompiling; just be prepared to wait some time while dealing with very long scripts.
  • With SWFs with very long actionscrips, you might want to use the option Show Long Actionscripts not selected while browsing the SWF. The deafult line count displayed in this mode is 5 per actionscript block. Now you can change this displayed line count by editing the ASV30.INI file: under [Swf] heading, just add or edit the entry ShortDecompileLineCount.
  • New option in Preferences to disable adjustment for invalid action length (Disable Adjusting for Invalid Action Length in General Tab).
  • Minor fixes and enhancements to decompiler engine. ASV now handles dead-code better.
  • Properties with invalid characters are now shown in compilable form as obj["bad-prop"], rather than in red color which would not compile.
  • Minor bug fix in temporary variable insertion process.
September 3, 2002
ASV 3.03 is released. (ASV 3.02 was an internal version, not released).
Major changes from v3.01 to v3.03 are listed below:
  • Minor fixes and enhancements to decompiler engine. ASV now handles dead-code better.
  • New option in Preferences to disable use of eval for identifiers with invalid characters.
  • New option in Preferences to enable use of temporary variable insertion. This provides safer decompile under certain conditions. Also, possible warnings are shown as comments if 'Display Other Comments' preference is selected.
  • ASV now handles invalid tags in SWF files better.
  • Preview Window now handles SWFs with imported font symbols better.
  • Minor fixes to SWF extraction engine.
August 25, 2002
Changed the look of the site a bit using CSS. Hope it is at least readable for all of you.
July 7, 2002
ASV 3.01 is released.
This is a very minor update, it might not even worth download. Changes are:
  • ASV now has context sensitive help with the F1 key. 'Help contents' shortcut has been changed to SHIFT+F1 key combination. A menu command that links to this page (What's New) has been added to the 'Help' menu.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements to decompiler engine.
  • Frames View now can display SWFs with huge frame counts faster.
  • Initial actionscript font is now Courier New rather than variable width MS Sans Serif. Also timeline defaults to initial selection of the first frame rather than all the SWF.
May 16, 2002
ASV 3.0 (and the demo version) is released.
If you have purchased ASV 2.x, you'll receive ASV 3.0 free. You'll receive instructions about your free update to your registered email address (in about a week). If your email has changed please write to us at support@buraks.com and if possible provide your order id.
If you have purchased ASV 1.x, you are eligible to upgrade to ASV 3.0 only for 14 USD. Please write to us at upgrade@buraks.com to get information on how to upgrade. Write from your registered email address and if possible provide your order id.
Major changes from v2.5 to v3.0 are listed below:
  • ASV now supports Flash MX / SWF version 6.
  • Only used addresses is now shown in P-code view.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements to decompiler engine.
  • SWF files embedded in EXE (projector) files can be extracted and opened. Now if you drag and drop a non-SWF file, the SWF file will be searched for an embedded SWF.
  • New Hex Viewer with save option for special tags and library tags.
  • ASV now can save a compressed SWF compressed or uncompressed. Compression details available in Movie Information dialog.
  • Various new options in Preferences Dialog.
March 17, 2002
Demo version of ASV 2.5 is released.
March 15, 2002
Macromedia released Flash MX.
March 14, 2002
ASV 2.5 is released!
All of our current customers will receive the free upgrade to v2.5. The new version has a brand new decompiler engine (which is really the best on the market) and a timeline view. It doesn't support Flash MX / SWF6, v3.0 is planned to support Flash MX.
If your email has changed please contact us with your order/puchase ID. Thank you.
Major changes from v2.0 to v2.5 are listed below:
  • New Timeline View
  • More accurate and fool proof decompiling with the new decompiler engine
  • Safe Actionscript importing for obfuscated SWF files
  • Actionscripts can be also shown as P-Code
  • Batch extraction of library symbols as SWF
  • Batch extraction of layers as SWF
  • Movie information can now be modified
  • Preview Window now with movie controls and resize options
  • Library View Tab now shows symbol numbers each symbol is used by
  • Text of text symbols can now be extracted if the used font allows.
  • Button symbols can be extracted as 4 frames.
  • Outlines of font symbols can be extracted as graphic symbols.
  • Info Pane shows detailed information on the selected object. More information on Sound, Bitmap, Font, Text, Button symbols...
  • Existence of sounds are indicated on Frames and Timeline View tabs
  • Special Tags View Tab now detects duplicate export symbol tags
  • Symbol bounds are now calculated and centering option is no longer needed
  • Imported symbols no longer hangs the preview window
  • SWF Window maximize problem solved
  • New most recently files list on File menu
  • Improved interface and look. Preferences Dialog and right-click context menus available
March 4, 2002
Macromedia announced that new version of Flash (Flash MX) will be released on March 15th.
We will be releasing a new version (v2.5) before Flash MX is out. (Though it will take some time to deliver current customers).
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