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November 27, 2018, tweet by Dmitriy Yukhanov, Unity3D Developer, Asset Store publisher. Ex-Flash Developer, Flash security and malware analyst.
December 3, 2016, tweet by Robert Penner, author of easing equations, former Adobe Flash Team member - as if he would need any introduction to any Flash community member!
April 2015, tweets by Haife Li and Dan Caselden
Colin Moock
the author of 'Actionscript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide'
featured ASV and Tools at his personal blog

Read the blog entry at moock.org!
"actionscript viewer news
April 13, 2003
... ASV, which entered the scene as a simple sneak-a-peek-at-your-code tool, has matured into a very handy companion to flash, worthy of any developer's attention. ..."

Branden J. Hall
featured a real-life experience with ASV 3.0
at his personal blog site WaxPraxis

Page not online anymore, previous link(s) below, contact us for a screenshot.
www.waxpraxis.org/archives/000074.html [Original link, changed May 15, 2003]

"ASV Saves my Ass (yet again!)
Posted on August 13, 2002 at 1:59 AM
... I was able to use ASV 3.0 to yank the code out of the SWF and put it back into my FLA. Talk about saving my sanity! ..."
"Great work as always!" (September 16, 2003. About the new ASV 4.0)
Dave Yang - Quantumwave Interactive Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(former) quantumwave.com

"The new ASV4 is a great update. The ability to switch between the different versions of Actionscript and bytecode gave me a great insight in the language and what is compiled when using the new Components. A must have for anyone who is serious about working with Flash MX 2004 in my opinion" (September, 2003. About the new ASV 4.0)
Owen van Dijk - Clockwork BV
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
(former) www.clockwork.nl

"With the ever-growing list of add-ons, ASV is becoming one of those indenspensible 3rd party apps that any serious Flash developer can't be without." (June 27, 2004. After ASV SOL Viewer and Editor release)
Peter J. Hall ( (former) www.peterjoel.com)

"world's best tool..." (July 12, 2004. About ASV 4.06)
Robin Debreuil (http://www.debreuil.com)

"Burak's Action Script Viewer 2.5 is an exceptional tool that includes an impressive list of features that go beyond previous versions. With the welcomed addition of a timeline, similar to that found in Flash's interface, ASV 2.5 also incorporates a list of impressive features that separate this application from most other 3rd party tools.
I must say this new version is exceptionally great and is simply the best quality product I have seen among all actionScript utilities." (March, 2002. About ASV 2.5)
Urami ( (former) www.FlashFugitive.com)
Former Team Macromedia Volunteer / Macromedia Flash

All testimonials listed alphabetically (by author). Reviews
Flashmagazine.com ASV 4.05 Review

Read Jens C. Brynildsen's review at Flashmagazine.com!
February 29, 2004
"I made the export and clicked the JSFL file. Flash opened and "voila" - there was my project, fully reconstructed! It was nothing short of amazing."
"...an old client returns and want you to tweak the menu you did 3-4 years ago. Now where was that backup...? ASV can really save you in situations like this. You may dislike decompilers, but the first time you need the rebuild-functionality you'll love ASV!"


Brajeshwar.com Blog ASV 4.00 Review

Read the review at Brajeshwar.com!
Original URL was http://www.brajeshwar.com/archives/000129.php

20 September 2003
"...I got ASV 4.0 and the first thing that came to my mind is "Wow! every teenagers dream is here". Had James Bond been a Flash Developer, he would have been presented ASV 4.0 by "G" long back."
"...it is cheap enough for a cool tool for any Flash Developer..."

studiowhiz.com ASV 3.14 Review

Page seems not online, previous link(s) below, contact us for a screenshot.

28 July 2003
"Actionscript Viewer, made by the Manitu Group of Istanbul, Turkey, is an extremely useful swf decompilier."
"Although there is no Mac version of this nifty little app, its simple enough to run well on VirtualPC. At US$59.95, I recommend it to flash developers at any level."

FlashDevils Community ASV 3.12 Review

Page seems not online, previous link(s) below, contact us for a screenshot.

May 18, 2003
Rating: 8.5/10
"Action Script Viewer (which I will be referring to as 'ASV' through out the review) is one of the most versatile Flash-related tools I have come across as a developer.... It can be a life-saver in many situations. ASV is easy to use, although getting to some of the advanced features is not. In addition, the documentation provided with it is very comprehensive."

FlashCandy.org ASV 2.5 Review

Page seems not online, previous link(s) below, contact us for a screenshot.

"ASV just became even more usefull. If you're a serious Actionscript developer there's currently no way around this tool. It gives you an idea of what other user see when they have a look at your code and the pCode feature is a great help when optimizing your scripts."

DigitalMediaNet / CorparateMediaNews ASV 2.0 Review

Read Adam Bell's v2.0 review at corporatemedianews.com!
"Just like when Penn & Teller would create magic tricks and then broke every rule in the book by actually showing us how they created the trick, ActionScript Viewer also exposes the tricks of the trade, with no extra blood!"
"Again, I think this is a great and powerful product but maybe too powerful if it is not in the right hands."

CNET Builder.com ASV 1.5 Review

by David Emberton
Page seems not online, previous link(s) below, contact us for a screenshot.

"...for a mere $50, any serious Flash developer should pick up a copy, if for no other reason than to get a glimpse of what their competition might be seeing."
CNET rating:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 best
The good: Acts as a browser for ActionScript and file structure data in Flash Player movies; allows ActionScript code to be copied and pasted into a text editor. 
The bad: Available for Windows only; no demo or trial available. 
The bottom line: A great tool for the legitimate recovery of your own lost ActionScript code and the less-than-legitimate collection of others' code.  


Flashkit ASV 1.0 Review

by Bill Spencer (Pope de Flash)
Page seems not online, previous link(s) below, contact us for a screenshot.

"There is unfortunately no demo to download but I think for professionals who from time to time need this type of tool, it's a bargain. And for newbies having a hard time seeing the code in the open source files in the movie section; this would be a great help.
If you like this tool or not it does a great job."
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