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Download ASV Demo
Currently there's no demo version of ASV available. You can still download a dated version of ASV 3.00 demo below. Also, please consider downloading the dated ASV 5 help file to get more information.
May 16, 2002
Demo version of ASV 3.0 is now available for download!
Demo version will only process first 5 frames of a SWF and display up to 25 lines of each actionscript. (This 5 frame limitation includes any movie clips in the first 5 frames. Only first 5 frames of a movie clip will be processed.)
Download ASV 3.0 Demo Now (~736Kb)

Note that this demo is of version 3.00 and does not have any enhancements current version of ASV has.
Major changes from v3.00 to v5.28 are listed below (which you will be missing in the demo version):
  • ASV now support Flash 8 generated version 8 SWF files.
  • Improved Unicode support.
  • Movie Information dialog is redesigned and now includes Metadata, FileAttributes as well as ScriptLimits.
  • Actionscripts tab now shows action count and size.
  • ASV now fully supports Flash MX 2004 / SWF 7. Also revised according to the released SWF 7 specs and Flash MX 2004 7.2.
  • ASV can now show classes as AS2 or AS1.
  • ASV can now export vector symbol outlines as a Flash MX 2004 custom tool JSFL.
  • ASV can now export rebuild data as a JSFL command to aid in reconstruction of the FLA for a SWF.
  • Classes can be saved as individual .AS files and in appropriate folder structure.
  • ASV can now edit certain actionscript constants.
  • ASV can now add a ScriptLimits tag and edit values of any ScriptLimits tag in a SWF.
  • ASV can now show scripts as __bytecode__ functions.
  • ASV can now show a tree view of actionscripts arranged by classes.
  • ASV now can extract outlines of graphic symbols (no fills) as Flash MX actionscript (both as individual commands and as data) and as a .SVG file. Peter Hall supplied the data format and an actionscript drawing class for the new outlines as data extraction capability. The class ASVDrawing is available at http://www.peterjoel.com/ActionScript/?go=asvdrawing courtesy of Peter Hall.
  • With the new extraction engine ASV can extract SWF files in UPX compressed executables and ZIP files. This is great if you need to extract SWF files from projectors generated by 3rd party applications or from SWC files.
  • ASV now can extract all extractable text to a single .TXT file as ANSI or UTF-8.
  • ASV now can extract all frames as SWF files.
  • ASV now can batch extract from single or multiple files one or more of the following resource types: Bitmaps, Sounds, Video, Text, Font, ActionScript, SWF Data as Text and Rebuild Data.
  • ASV now can save the open SWF file without sounds/bitmaps or actionscrips. Also can save vector symbols as outlines or grayscale.
  • ASV now can extract glyphs of font symbols as Flash MX actionscript.
  • ASV can now save a Font symbol with an export ID. Info about how to use the extracted SWF is available in the help file.
  • ASV can now show raw hex data in P-code view side by side with p-codes.
  • With the new external tools concept, external applications provided will help specific tasks. Current available tools are:
  • New 'Outline Mode' in Preview Window lets you preview while the graphic symbols are shown as outlines.

    Outlline Mode

    Normal Preview

    Bounding Rectangle Mode
  • Now 'Disable Color Transforms and Masks' option of Preview Window works regardless of the 'Bounding Rectangle' (or the new 'Outlines') mode.
  • With the new 'Run Menu', now you can easily define and run external applications.
  • Now the Library Tab tree view does not hide symbols used by hidden symbols. This increases the usability of the tree view very much. New 'Context Menu' button in the Library Tab also makes it easier to reach for the context menu of the selected item.
  • With the new 'Suppress Error Log' menu item and toolbar button, it's now easy to temporarily disable the error log.
  • With the new 'Open Extracted File/Folder' option in Preferences, ASV opens the file (or folder for multiple file extraction) with associated application after extraction.
  • Now with the 'Snapshot' button you can save a .BMP file of the current image shown in the Preview Window.
  • With new 'Version check' menu item, you can easily see if you are running the latest version.
  • Now ASV can extract MP3 files (as produced by 3rd party applications) wrapped in WAV/RIFF tags.
  • Library View Tab now has two view options with the addition of the new usage tree display. With the usage tree now it's easy to see which symbol uses which symbol. Also since the tree has two nodes: Timeline and Other, symbols that are not used by the timeline, that is the symbols that are used by actionscript, are shown separately. This makes very easy to see and locate the components...
  • ASV now displays unicode characters stored in SWF version 6 and above files correctly. If current font does not support the non-ascii characters in the SWF, with the new Enable \u Mode option, unicode characters can be displayed as \u escape sequences.
  • ASV now can extract all sounds as WAV/MP3.
    • Streaming sounds are fully supported along with event sounds.
    • For NellyMoser compressed sounds only the compressed data is extracted. All other formats are fully supported.
  • ASV now can extract all bitmaps as JPG/PNG.
    • All formats are fully supported.
  • ASV can now extract font symbols as TTF (True Type Font) files, optionally merging outlines from other symbols in open files.
  • New 'Quick Select' button in library tab lets you select symbol types easily.
  • Colors and gradients used in SWF files (except bitmap fills) can now be saved as CLR files.
  • Revised ASV according to official SWF 6 specs released.
  • New option for Preview Window: Bounding Rectangle Mode.
  • Simple include file display support. You can now define scripts displayed as include files and the script will show as a '#include...' line. An option to manage include definitions is added to File Menu. (Notes: Include definitions don't work for version 4 syntax. Smaller includes takes precedence over large ones).
  • Video symbols can be saved as FLV files. (FLV files can be imported by Flash. Video symbols in SWF files do not contain any audio and are saved as such).
  • Streaming sounds are now displayed in Library Tab and can be saved as SWF files.
  • Info Pane now displays colorized text. Colors depend on where the info originates. An option to disable this added to preferences.
  • Video key frames can now be detected. Also more info is displayed for video symbols.
  • Corrections and additions to ASNative comments.
  • 'Save as SWF Data' option now delimits fields with tabs in saved text.
  • ASV now displays expressions with '<', '>' etc. in strict order.
  • Support for #strict pragma added.
  • ASV now displays long (1000+ lines) actionscripts faster. For a sample 4000 line script the improvement is about 100%. ASV now displays a progress bar for decoding and colorizing processes (not for decompiling though). Also the progress bar now adjusts its length; these should help while decompiling very long scripts. ASV almost never crashes while decompiling; just be prepared to wait some time while dealing with very long scripts.
  • With SWFs with very long actionscrips, you might want to use the option Show Long Actionscripts not selected while browsing the SWF. The deafult line count displayed in this mode is 5 per actionscript block. Now you can change this displayed line count by editing the ASV30.INI file: under [Swf] heading, just add or edit the entry ShortDecompileLineCount.
  • New option in Preferences to disable adjustment for invalid action length (Disable Adjusting for Invalid Action Length in General Tab).
  • Properties with invalid characters are now shown in compilable form as obj["bad-prop"], rather than in red color which would not compile.
  • New option in Preferences to disable use of eval for identifiers with invalid characters.
  • New option in Preferences to enable use of temporary variable insertion. This provides safer decompile under certain conditions. Also, possible warnings are shown as comments if 'Display Other Comments' preference is selected.
  • Preview Window now handles SWFs with imported font symbols better.
  • Minor fixes to SWF extraction engine.
  • ASV now has context sensitive help with the F1 key. 'Help contents' shortcut has been changed to SHIFT+F1 key combination. A menu command that links to this page (What's New) has been added to the 'Help' menu.
  • Frames View now can display SWFs with huge frame counts faster.
  • Initial actionscript font is now Courier New rather than variable width MS Sans Serif. Also timeline defaults to initial selection of the first frame rather than all the SWF.
  • Lots of fixes and enhancements to decompiler engine and to ASV in general. ASV now handles dead-code, invalid tags etc. much better.
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