Evaluate Class Method
Available since ASV 2015/06.25

Evaluate Class Method dialog lets you execute a static method of an AS3 class (which takes an integer argument and returns a string) and see the result.

In some obfuscated SWF files, instead of string literals, you may see method calls similar to following:
Provided that the method is static, takes one integer and returns a string, this dialog will let you discover the value of the string.

Evaluate Class Method dialog uses system installed Flash ActiveX plug-in.

The SWF file is modified in such a way that initially no AS3 code is executed and all classes and assets stay dormant. (However, if the method executes other methods or classes, these will not be prevented).

To open Evaluate Class Method dialog, select the script that contains the method, in Actionscripts tab of an AS3 SWF window.

Run Evaluate Static Method(int):String command, either from Actionscript menu or using the toolbar button in Actionscripts tab. (If this command is disabled, it means the class does not have any eligible methods).

Select the Method name from the dropdown menu. If there is only one eligible method, it will be already selected and no further selection will be available.

Enter the integer argument #1(int). For hexadecimal values use 0x prefix.

Click Evaluate (ALT+E), to pass the integer argument #1(int) to the method. The method will be executed in Flash Player and the string it returns will be displayed in the Output area.

Click Decrease and Evaluate (CTRL+D) or Increase and Evaluate (CTRL+I). to increase or decrease the integer argument #1(int) and evaluate it with the method. These are useful when the method expects nearby values to return other strings.

'String' results returned from the method will be displayed in this read-only text area.

If the result is 'null', integer argument is probably not one that the method expects.

Click Copy (CTRL+A) to copy output contents to clipboard.

Click Save (CTRL+S) to save output contents to a file.

Click Clear (CTRL+X) to clear output contents.

Click Toggle Wordwarp (CTRL+W) to toggle wordwrap.

Evaluate Method window(s) can be left open or minimized, while you examine the scripts in the SWF window.

When you see a method call for an open Evaluate Class Method dialog, you can copy and paste the integer value, or, you can
  • Right-click on the integer value
  • Select Send to from the context menu
  • Select the item with the method name

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